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by Learnmore Zuze
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“A true prophet will be 100% accurate. There is no margin for error.”

THERE is no time in history that Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular have experienced an upsurge in the number of churches and prophets as today. Zimbabwe finds itself in the grip of a religious frenzy that has seen people claiming to be prophets predicting things ranging from soccer matches to deaths of prominent people.

When the outcomes are as predicted or nearly as predicted there are wild celebrations in their congregations. By the way, Harare now has an estimated seventy-six (excluding wives who are often prophetesses) prophet-led gatherings. These prophets are literally everywhere now - small and big towns. The trend was popularized locally by popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua after he predicted the death of a southern African president in 2012. Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika subsequently died within the named time-frame. Little regard is given to the embarrassment and discomfort caused by “prophesying” someone’s death. Musician Oliver Mtukudzi once fell victim to a “prophecy” encouraging people to “… pray for Mtukudzi’s health”. The alleged prophet, one Ambassador Ishmael, had allegedly been shown Mtukudzi’s health failing. That was in May 2012. As you read this, Mtukudzi is on a musical tour in the US.

As recently as last week, one Tichatonga Mambo, “prophesied” the alleged death of the Head of State reportedly on 3 February 2014. In the same week, it was reported that “emissaries” of one German-based Zimbabwean prophet telephoned the President’s office late last year on a prophecy warning the First Lady of her death. Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is this: virtually, every one born of a woman will depart from this earth one day. Nothing in this world is more certain than death. I am sure neither Mtukudzi nor the President or their relatives are amused by these “prophecies”. It would appear that in their quest for recognition these men target prominent public figures as a launch pad to fame. Honestly, is a musician’s health the urgent message that Christianity needs today?

The Zimbabwe national soccer team has been making waves at the CHAN in South Africa. Social media, radio, TV and drinking spots reverberated with joy last Saturday as the boys made a grand entry into the semi-finals of the tournament. It really felt good to be Zimbabwean. The mere fact of gracing the semis brought joy into the hearts of Zimbabweans. Even our at-times-xenophobic neighbours found solace in rallying behind the Zimbabwe Warriors. As I noted, it would appear the prophets of our age are to be found wherever the spotlight is. Unlike the Biblical prophets who shunned glory and the lime light, today’s prophets seek it as one would seek a gold cave. A Bulawayo based (prophet) Blessing Chiza made the headlines moments before the Zimbabwe versus Libya game.


Chiza allegedly prophesied that the Warriors would win and beat Libya by, “… three goals to nil”. However, Zimbabwe lost the match on penalties. After the match, one humorous news site marked the prophecy:
Warriors to win = WRONG 0 marks
Warriors to win by 3 goals = WRONG 0 marks
TOTAL 0/10 marks= 0%
Tempers flared and many taunted him as a half-baked prophet. A hailstorm of insults rained on the hapless Bulawayo “prophet”. However, in my opinion, to his credit, at least he spoke ahead of the match unlike most “prophets” who claim glory after an event. Most livid people confessed that they had lost money and valuables to betting syndicates in the faith of his misleading “prophecy”. Others even called for his arrest.

Now, a Bible reader knows that there is no such thing as a half-baked or fully baked prophet. One is either a true prophet or a false prophet. That this “prophet” would later apologize to the nation saying, “I didn’t see clearly” is clear testimony that these men have rushed to say things but God has not sent them. A true prophet cannot “see” anything of his own but acts as a mouthpiece for God and as such there is absolutely no room for the slightest error. A real microphone can only echo what the speaker says. Second Peter 1:20, 21 removes any margin of error in prophecy because a prophet speaks for God as he or she is moved by the Holy Spirit. Now, imagine the Almighty even sending a messenger to tell the world that Mahachi will score in a soccer match. Imagine a supposed God sending a messenger to tell us of Mtukudzi’s health. Surely, isn’t this a mockery of the Person that God is?

Are these “death”, “soccer” and “passport number” prophecies the urgent need of this sinful world. Does God revel in soccer? 1st Cor 14:3-4- A true prophet will look to edify, comfort and uplift the church body by Jesus’ testimony. How does soccer edify the church? Is soccer really the issue in a world battling addictions and pornography? Surely, the Lord of Heaven is concerned with the salvation of man. Surely, our God wants the world to know of Jesus’ return more than he wants us to know of soccer matches. Can’t the world see that these men are simply fulfilling Biblical prophecy of the last days? (Matt 24:24)

Finally, I want you to listen carefully to this Bible verse on one important characteristic of a true prophet: “How shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing follows not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken, but the prophet has spoken it presumptuously: you shall not be afraid of him.” (Deuteronomy 18:21-22). A true prophet will be 100% accurate. There is no margin for error. If the prophet’s predictions fail (in the slightest), they are exposed as not of God. This verse even quashes the common habit of claiming to have prophesied a person’s death after it has occurred. A true prophet speaks ahead of time. It’s really sad seeing as it is how the Bible is clear and how multitudes refuse its counsel instead insulting bearers of this message.

Remember this is the last hour. Take heed that no one deceives you.
Learnmore Zuze can be reached at lastawa77@gmail.com

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