20 March 2018
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21/03/2015 00:00:00
by Learnmore Zuze
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WITHOUT a Supreme Being (God) to account to, and in the absence of an ultimate authority in the universe, it logically follows that human beings are their own masters and a law unto themselves. In fact, more graphically, it translates to this: the wicked massacres of defence-less citizens by the wicked regimes of this world; the wanton rape; the abuse of the innocent; the senseless genocides and the numerous injustices witnessed over the centuries will be perfectly in place as there is no answerability and, consequently, no judgment.

This is precisely what the devil craves for the human race to believe. Atheism, by rejecting the existence of God, is nothing but a secreted way of propping up lawlessness, anarchy and transgression in the universe. Atheism represents the mindset that Satan (whom they think is imaginary), desires humans to have. Atheism, by design or default, is an adroit satanic ideology meant to promote immorality throughout the world. Where it not for space, I would have had readers realize the striking and salient similarities between verses from the satanic bible (written by Antony Lavey) and independent atheistic writings.

I have also realized that atheists, eccentrically, suffer from an extremely developed smarter-than-thou-complex. They claim to be more enlightened than the ‘manic lunatics of religion.’ A sister from Netherlands wrote, ”I have suffered much grief debating with atheists as they trash the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God.” This is not strange, personally I have debated with decorated atheists and one thing that surely stands out in the atheistic argument is their smarter-than-thou attitude. Atheists view themselves as having a monopoly over truth and knowledge, an accusation they ironically direct at Christians. Atheism is anchored in the belief that no deities exist. Building on this belief, atheists go on the rampage attacking everything in their path that is religion.

Atheists’ points of attack, particularly on Christianity, centre on the purported ‘crimes’ and ‘abusive’ practices found in the Old Testament; practices such as slavery, sanctioned murders and generally, the massive suffering in the world today. These things equip the deluded atheistic mind with unholy zeal to go on an offensive against Christianity. For long, I have realized the futility of debating with atheists mainly because of their preoccupation with attacking personalities.


The ill-advised part of atheism is that it ridiculously demands proof of the existence of God by intending him to prove himself in a way they (fallible humans) have codified. They think of God as some petite being they can tinker with; they do not want God operating on his own terms. They want a God who would yield to their (warped) ideology of how he should operate before they validate him. ‘Why doesn’t God end the wars in various states? Why does he allow the suffering to continue? ‘Why didn’t he fight for Christ when he was being crucified? The list of the sanctimonious questions goes on. Sadly, the answers to these questions lie in the very bible which they spurn.

Atheists claim that their belief system is morally superior to religion largely because it does not lead to murderous fanaticism. Paradoxically, atheists have been the most fanatical hatred spreaders against those who believe in religion. In the 20th century, millions were slaughtered by communist regimes that embraced militant atheism as part of their creed Atheist intolerance exists in unbridled proportions and they simply can’t claim the moral high ground to be better than Christianity. They seek to justify their nearly-insane ideology by incessant attacks on the bible itself. While atheists may cite biblical incidences and treacherously seek for loopholes, it is imprudent for them to claim the high moral ground over Christianity.

Whether from a scientific or religious view, atheism is no smarter than religion. Unreligious scientists, for centuries, confirm by a mere dissection of the human body that 100% someone designed the human body. Science, in recent years, continues to make a case for God. Theorist Physicist Paul Davies has said that “The appearance of design is overwhelming”. Oxford professor Dr John Lennox has said “the more we get to know about our universe, the more the hypothesis that there is a creator…gains in credibility as the best explanation of why we are here”.

The system we call the universe, itself. Its structure and how it operates, from a purely scientific point of view incontrovertibly proves the existence of One who designed it. The evidence is simply overwhelming. The Bible is a collection of scores of books which were written years apart yet there is striking harmony in the message. Every book, for example, in the Old Testament points to the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. Like I mentioned, it’s too much to ask atheism to comprehend such a thing as the pre-existence of Jesus Christ which they viciously attack using a carnal mind. Jesus existed from the beginning (John 1:1); he did not father himself as they blasphemously claim.

In all honesty, atheists should do some soul-searching. God operates on principle which, if flouted, consequences result. For example, Aaron’s sons were advised not to use fire and they disobeyed and that had consequences. Annanias and Sapphira knew what was expected of them when they sold a piece of their land yet they chose to disobey and certainly too that brought consequences. It’s the same story with Adam and Eve. God cannot be held in error for operating on principle. We can’t use terrorist acts by Islamic extremists as a basis for bastardizing religion. Surely, it befuddles the mind why atheism would choose this route of appalling ignorance. Surely, it can only be the fool who has said there is no God.

Learnmore Zuze can be reached on lastawa77@gmail.com

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