20 March 2018
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Pastors should be servants not kings

25/03/2017 00:00:00
by Learnmore Zuze
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THE last decade has witnessed an earth-shuttering change to the body Christ particularly in the African continent with formerly supposed servants of God ascribing to themselves powerful titles, living Rock-star lives and being fettered like kings.

It has become trite to say that there are richer pickings in being a pastor or prophet these days and, for these titles, young men and women are doing everything (legally and illegally) to acquire them.

The most popular track has been the great track to West Africa in general and Nigeria and Ghana in particular where, presumably, the local pastors get to have ‘spiritual fathers’ who bless them with miracle working prowess.

This has had the logical question being asked: does God reside in West Africa? All of a sudden, not even a single prophet or pastor acquires a local spiritual mentor but, in their numbers, they continue to look up to West Africa. Unlike football or certain disciplines where one would say, for instance, Japan has the best technological brains and therefore we need to be mentored by them in that direction, this is spiritual.

Worship has the stamp of God and, as we may all agree, God Almighty is not restricted to two or three nations. God would have no trouble at all raising purely Zimbabwean prophets if he needed any in this age. No nation or individual has monopoly over God as these so-called prophets would want us to believe. The claims of occult powers originating from the preferred countries and being given to locals may not be unfounded.

The spiritual father becomes some point of reference in anything that happens, actually usurping the role of God. As an example, in 2016 when Walter Magaya of PHD gave a December 31 prophecy that 2017 was set to be a year of great restoration year for Zimbabwe, he told the people that, as a way to be sure, he had to consult with his spiritual father TB Joshua in Nigeria whether this was true.

Isn’t it surprising that a man who claims to have received a message from God himself would seek the opinion of the truth of the message from another mortal? A mortal cannot endorse anything declared by God. God is not even a respecter of persons. He makes a word and stands by it, whether popular or unpopular. That a supposed message from God needs verification and authentication is revealing on its own.


A simple study of ‘the prophets’ in Zimbabwe, for instance, will no doubt prove how widespread this highly dubious phenomenon is. Dubious because it confers immortality to mortal men. It deifies man and places the supposed spiritual father (read fetish priest) on the same pedestal as that of God. God is the only centre of power in Christianity and in the universe. It is only God to whom all power and glory belong. None of us shares power with God. He is the ultimate ruler of the universe.

We have seen pastors, prophets or apostles in modern times being fettered like kings. So horrible are the practices that some of the congregants kneel (men included) before these so called prophets. This (kneeling) is, in the worshiping realm, the preserve of God alone. No human being has the moral high ground to have people kneel before them. We have witnessed prophets driving Lamborghinis and Ferraris obviously from monies ‘extorted’ from the laity. They have bought private jets and own properties in the leafy suburbs in the name of being ‘the anointed ones’ of God.

It is quite disappointing that the laity cannot see these people for what they exactly are. It is my strong conviction that if followers of these men would spare a few moments with the Bible they would, without doubt, realize the scam they have devoted their lives to. Biblically, whether prophets, apostles, disciples or evangelists the common denominator in their operations was the function of servant hood. They served God and they served the people .There was hardly any luxury that characterized their lives.

As for John the Baptist whom the Bible describes as the greatest of all prophets, the man actually lived in a desert eating locusts and wild honey. Being the greatest of all, shouldn’t he have led by example owning the best chariots and gold of his day? We never read in the Bible of people prostrating before this greatest prophet but we understand that he was actually a servant of the people.

The church, it must be understood, does not belong to the prophet or pastor but to Jesus Christ (Matt 20:25-28). It is also important to underscore the importance of the point that there is no longer any need or sense of a fellow man being a mediator between God and his people as the prophets say today.

Today, Jesus Christ is the only mediator between man and God. Anyone else who makes the claims is simply a phony led by underworld forces. God speaks through the Bible these days. People need not be deceived.

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