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Tetanus vaccination? And what else?

01/05/2017 00:00:00
by Seven Tauzen
Parastatals sale a very bad idea

ON the 17th of April 2017, I read in the Herald that the Head of Aids and Tuberculosis Unit in the Ministry of Health, one Dr Owen Mugurungi confirmed that Zimbabwe was going to start vaccinating against tetanus on all those that were to be circumcised.

This was now necessary as studies from UNNAMED countries show that during circumcision infections that cause severe muscle spasms, affect the brain and what not might be transmitted from the ring device!

If only that was the truth, well and good, but have we learnt and are still learning about the UN and its agencies, in this case World Health Organisation. Is this not the same tetanus vaccine that was found by the more switched on doctors in Kenya in 2014 that contained a substance called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which causes sterility?

And as would be expected, the UN and WHO refused to accept this, but then we go back even further; in 1994 WHO was caught using the same vaccination in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines, all third world countries.

So, these guys are now showing up on our doorstep, saying here are some freebies to give away with every circumcision. When are we going to wake up?

During the slave trade, more than 150 million black people were shipped against their will to America. This was over several centuries, despite the inhumane conditions and treatment, I don’t recall any funny diseases or pandemics as having been brought from Africa; then how come all of sudden you have Aids from Africa, Ebola from Africa…what is else is in the que from Africa.

If we carry on not learning from history we are all going to perish; the white man is not our saviour and never will be. It is now overdue that when you shake hands with a white person, you should immediately count all your fingers on that hand to make sure they are all still there.

It is also not too long ago that some donor organisation was caught in Libya where they infected some 400 kids with Aids. If my memory serves right there was an Aids Vaccine trial for HVTN, Seattle, America that was supposed to start some time last year. Dr Mike Chirenje and Dr Nyaradzo Mugodi in Zimbabwe were their ‘investigators’. Are there no white Guinea pigs in Seattle? It may be better for them to investigate the activities of one Dr Robert Gallo before they come here.  I hope the trials never took off.


We have a situation that was engineered in such a way that Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole cannot do anything on their own. We have to un-engineer this. But there is some serious work in progress that we have to deal with first - the leaders.

The leaders are so self-centred they do not see the BIG picture; more concerned about their petty and deplorable lives only. Education benefits you nothing if you cannot see what’s happening around you and to you. Look at our own parliament, good suggestions seem to be only coming from the people who are less educated but with BETTER common sense.

There was article in the Herald the other day about Sangulani Chikumbutso; our own African Inventor, and what is happening? Nothing, we don’t recognise our own, we prefer big international (White) names where we mortgage the country.

My advice though Mr Chikumbutso is that just do your things and keep a low profile, big names do not like competition, you may run into an accident or something similar. Some of the biggest inventions in the world, believe it or not, are African/Black, but with a white name in front. It’s coming out slowly.

We should never look down on ourselves as some do, who don’t do the right kind of research. Even though in our case, financial issues are always a problem, but where there is a will, there is way. Mr Chikumbutso is not the only one, this goes for all aspiring African inventors. If you keep yourself clean, your maker will take you far. Above all, never lose hope.

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