23 March 2018
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30/12/2017 00:00:00
by Learnmore Zuze
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I recall in my first article a few years ago citing that there had been a massive surge in the number of people calling themselves prophets in Zimbabwe and Africa in general. At the time, it was estimated that Harare alone had 87 prophet-led churches. This was to exclude the prophets from the vapostori sects; this phenomenon related precisely to the rising tide of new age prophets.

Prophets well -known for leading flamboyant lifestyles and preaching material riches more than anything. Today this number has been multiplied almost a hundred fold. There is a prophet everywhere across the streets in Zimbabwe’s towns.

The prophetic wave took off like a wild fire in the wind. The ascension of this movement was confusing at first given the reverence given to religious symbolism in many countries. Most people, for a moment, were spellbound; perhaps the Lord was pouring his spirit on his menservants. However, it was the brand of gospel that began springing forth from these men and women that eyebrows began to rise. The new prophets spoke forth of the worldly not spiritual things.

They captured the essence of prophecy to mean outright prediction. Predictions have been with this world from time immemorial. Now that the foretelling business has been repackaged as prophecy the world has flocked to this ‘new’ sensation giving it world acclaim. It had been sacred for any man in modern times and modern churches to brand themselves as prophets but today this has become the stark reality.

Likewise, the year 2017 was one that was littered with prophecies of every kind, from the economy, individuals to politics. However, a closer scrutiny of the Bible would reveal that what we commonly call prophecy today are merely predictions. It must be clearly understood that predictions, even miracles are not only the preserve of God but also of the dark world.

This fact has been demonstrated countless times in the Bible although the world continues to reject this. One only needs to make one coincidental prediction to become a prophet, at least by this world’s standards.

2017 had a number of prophecies but here I pick a few.

The perennial economic boom lie

From Zimbabwe’s most prominent prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya to less known prophets, there was total agreement that the economy of Zimbabwe was on a rebound in 2017. Again, in the last few years we have heard that gold would be picked from the ground and that there were precious minerals to be discovered in 2017.


Reading from the same hymn book, many so-called prophets echoed that Zimbabwe had been finally remembered and that no-one would lack again.

It was presumed in this year people would be shopping until midnight because of economic productivity. The truth is that no economic boom was recorded. If anything Zimbabwe’s economic performance has been on a free fall heading south and inflation has reason.

Prices of basic commodities have skyrocketed and the festive spirit has been dampened by the enduring cash crisis. The economic boom prophecy was an absolute lie and a work of guessing which exposes the new age prophet.2017 was an economic disaster like the previous years.

Mugabe death prophecy of 18 October

Pastor Phillip Mugadza from Kariba who had made a name protesting singly against ex-President Robert Mugabe’s regime made a cheeky prophecy that the deposed ex-president would breathe his last on 18 October. For this, Mugadza was arrested. Mugadza brought condemnation upon himself when he made this prediction straying from his initially lauded path of fighting against tyranny. The day, 18 October 2017, has come and gone and Mugabe is alive somewhere in Singapore today. The leader of the Remnant Church’s prophecy was one of the many that both local and international clergymen passed concerning the 93-year old Mugabe who ruled the country for 37 years.

Mugabe to rule until death prophecy

There were esteemed men and women who prophesied  on Mugabe’s prolonged  rule, that he would  be the country’s only leader until his last day .From a purely analytical view, this prophecy or is it analysis was widely believed. There seemed to be nothing in Mugabe’s way to stop him from dying in power.

 The prophecy was more of common sense but the turn of events on November 18 when the military intervened and seized power placing Mugabe under house arrest altered this perception. Among those left exposed by this false prophecy is deposed Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe former leader, Bishop Johannes Ndanga, who declared with a straight face ,on the now infamous Super Sunday, that the former Zimbabwean leader would die in power.

Ndanga, trying hard to dissociate himself from Mugabe and his wife today, had said Mugabe had been anointed by God as the country’s lifetime leader.

Military intervention prophecy

In my opinion, if there was any real prophecy worth the prophesying in 2017 it was certainly the events which led to the ouster of Robert Mugabe but most if not all chose to prophecy the usual economic boom. If indeed God gave visions to these men, then surely one wonders how this defining event could have been missed out. However, Makandiwa’s church released a video clip in which he seemingly foretold the military intervention. Makandiwa is shown saying “people in uniform” will appear on television to make a major announcement. However, like the trouble with most of his claimed prophecies; they tend to appear in retrospect long after the incidents have occurred. Makandiwa has been accused of tailor-making videos after major events.

T.B Joshua’s muddled prophecy on Zimbabwe

TB Joshua predicted turmoil and civil war in an unnamed Southern African country. He noted that a president, deputy president or first lady of that nation was going to be killed or kidnapped. It was parts of the prophets which did not exactly tally with the events that took place in Zimbabwe. Neither the first lady nor the Vice President was kidnapped.

Now as can be clearly deduced, almost 98 percent of the prophecies given for 2017 were offside. The world must understand that the Gospel of truth should point people to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. All that the world has been busied with by these prophets is simply to distract their attention. The single most important prophecy is the Second Coming. It is indeed the Final Hour. Keep Watch, deception is real.

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