18 February 2018
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Zimbabwean radio stations sanctioning necromancy, spiritism

11/02/2018 00:00:00
by Learnmore Zuze

IN this article I make the case that some radio stations, particularly one Star FM, in Zimbabwe have become near accessories in the propagating of spiritism and necromancy as espoused by their incessant broadcasts featuring spiritists and necromancers.

It is being latently done, but to the trained eye some of the radio stations now identify with this breed of spiritualism much as they try to say the views of these spiritists “do not necessarily reflect…” their views. The disclaimer is cosmetic. Evidence for the truth of this can even be picked in the silent war between Zimbabwean radio stations as one radio station (Radio Zimbabwe), in one of its promos, takes a dig at “other radio stations who are known more for spiritists than proper broadcasting.”

Evening broadcasts have been flooded with studio displays having all manner of spiritists and necromancers marketing their skills of trade. The stations have allowed for a flurry of necromancers claiming they can cure all types of ills and help people inflict harm on their enemies. The spiritists range from those emerging from the outright under-world who employ black magic to inflict harm on people, to those who come under the veil of Christianity.

While spiritists from the underworld make no secret of their prowess in wreaking havoc in people’s lives, those coming under the guise of the Bible have coined the back-to-sender con. In essence, there exists little to no difference between these people swarming radio stations in droves; the only distinction could be the hats they are wearing. Some try in vain to use the Bible.

This self-advertising is probably acceptable coming from people who are native doctors whose patent motive is profit but it should be a different story with those who claim to be Christians. Some ‘prophets’ who frequent these radio stations have even taken to dramatizing the ‘chasing’ away of demons in the studio. In my view, radio stations, by allowing this are in a way stooping law and become complicit in practices that harm society. True, there may be business at play but surely, it is more important for radio stations to carry an air of integrity and preservation of dignity.

The radio stations are harming their own brands by embracing con spiritists who have made the radio their haven. Whether such spiritists’ tricks work or are a mere means to cream people of their money, surely, radio stations, by allowing them acres of broadcasting time, have become accomplices. If these spiritist powers, designed to harm people, enlarge private organs and bring back lost lovers among other ridiculous things indeed worked, would they require such a blitz on listeners daily. I feel it’s an abuse of listeners, to an extent. What the radio stations are doing is tantamount to giving platform to a mechanism expressly designed to sow discord in society and this, impliedly, makes them accessory to the ‘crime’.



Honestly, it is not an overstatement, as one station (Radio Zimbabwe) puts it that some radio stations have become famous, or is it infamous, for the repulsive promotion of spiritists. There is a high likelihood that Star FM, in particular, would be hosting one of the weird sessions of spiritists live on air every evening. So, embedded has this practice become that hardly a day passes without spiritualists of this sort getting slots.

It would be unfair to brand all radio stations in this light but, most notably, Star FM has been virtually overshadowed by this breed of programmes. While it must be acknowledged that it is not illegal for people to market their activities, it leaves a bitter taste when supposed godly things are advertised in the same way a manufacturer would advertise their services. It is even contrary to the spirit and letter in which Jesus Christ operated in the case of self-proclaimed Christians.

Jesus spoke and taught strongly against flaunting the power of God (assuming these people are indeed drawing from God’s power) On countless occasions, when Jesus healed the afflicted, he implored them not to let anyone know; “…see that you tell no one.” These were the signature words of Jesus Christ after miracles.

But what do we see today? Pastors, self-acclaimed prophets and apostles paying hefty amounts to radio stations to woo people to themselves. They are even competing with outright witchdoctors in seeking attention for supposedly godly power. This is absolutely against biblical teaching. The very work of God must never be subject to advertising.

What we are witnessing is not any different from one Simon who was a sorcerer and took pride in being called a great power in all Israel. When he met Apostles Paul and Silas and saw the extraordinary miracles they performed through the power of God, he sought to buy the power. He was strongly rebuked. To Simon, it was not about God but about himself hence the attempt to ‘buy’ the power of God.

Likewise, today, it can be said that, to these spiritualists rushing to radios stations, it’s not about God but about themselves. God needs no advertisement.

The worst part though is those who have given them a voice to sow discord amongst the people.


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