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14/09/2013 00:00:00
by Nkosana Dlamini
Labour ministry return ... Nicholas Goche
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THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has welcomed the reappointment of Nicholas Goche as labour minister with its secretary general Japhet Moyo describing the long serving government minister as “a better devil”.

Goche, a senior Zanu PF official, returns to head the workers based ministry faced with the enormous task of improving ordinary workers’ poor working conditions and what unions dismiss as “slave wages”.

But in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com Friday, Moyo congratulated Goche for his appointment and further described him as a mature senior civil servant.

“He is a mature person. He has been in this job for years. So, based on his experience, he should be able to do better,” Moyo said.

The outspoken ZCTU chief however said all the ministers appointed by President Robert Mugabe did not have capacity as individuals to make any meaningful changes insisting all key decisions would have to be approved by the veteran leader’s approval.

Moyo said although his organisation did not believe the former transport minister’s recent shifting to the labour portfolio was going to bring any major relief to the workers’ plight, they still hoped Goche would take advantage of his closeness to Mugabe to leverage their cause.

“As a senior Zanu PF official, in our view, he is the person who is in a position even to sit down with (Mugabe) unlike these other people who did not participate closely in the struggle or worked closely with Mugabe,” said Moyo.

“I think Goche is in a position to sit down with Mugabe when things are bad. That’s the advantage with Goche as a senior member of Zanu PF. To us, he is a better devil.”

Moyo’s candid comments over the welfare of workers infuriated MDC-T politicians early his year after he said the former labour based party had abandoned the aspirations of ordinary workers in pursuit of the trappings of power in the coalition government.

Former labour minister Lucia Matibenga of MDC-T was accused of “being arrogant” when approached over ordinary workers’ issues.


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