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21/04/2014 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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VICE President Joice Mujuru has admitted her 34-year-old marriage to the late Solomon Mujuru was not “rosy” adding that she knew the late Retired General was a womaniser.

Mujuru tried to play this down saying she could live with the late army boss's loose morals for as long as her “loving but naughty” husband remembered to return home after his immoral excursions.

She said she was never at any one time forced to divorce him for that reason.

Mujuru was addressing guests at the 20th marriage anniversary ceremony for Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs Advocate Martin Dinha and his wife Mercy.

The Vice President said she had long been made aware of widespread rumours among Zimbabweans she was, during his living years, not staying together with him.

Said Mujuru: “Hapana munhu aimbofungira ini naSolomon tigere tese — makuhwa mangani amakanzwa muHarare, haa, Mai Mujuru vakarambwa, yowe Solomon akaroora. Imi munofunga kuti ndanga ndisingazive kuti kune misikinzwa? Ndaizvinzwa, asi aiti kana ava paghedhi raAmai Mujuru ainyatsouya semunhu ari clean and innocent and I used to like that.

“Ndiyo respect inodiwa nemudzimai. Izvozvo zvinoita muchengetedzane (No one thought Solomon and I were still together – how many rumours did you hear in Harare to the effect that ‘Mai Mujuru is divorced’, ‘Solomon has a new wife’?
“Do you think I did not know of his misdeeds?

“I heard about it but the moment he arrived at my gate, he came as a clean and innocent man and I used to like that. That is the respect needed by a woman. That will keep you together),” Mujuru said.

She was speaking for the first time about her marriage since her husband's death 2011.

Mujuru said she nonetheless enjoyed her late husband’s love and had learnt to accept that as a man, he would still sneak out to have love relationships with other women.

“Honai vamwe takafirwa taane 34 years (of marriage) asi ndiani akanga ane musikanzwa saSolomon — anga anayo zvekuti (Look, some of us were widowed after 34 years of marriage but who was as naughty as Solomon? He was very naughty),” Mujuru said.

She urged fellow women to be strong and be committed to their marriages and show respect to their husbands saying this was one of the ways to maintain the unions.

The late Mujuru, a powerful figure within both Zanu PF and the military, died under mysterious circumstances 2011 when his Ruzambo farm house he was sleeping in got engulfed in an inferno.


But even despite Mujuru having been known for his sensual antics, President Robert Mugabe has often chosen to jibe at his rival Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T leader, accusing the former premier of having loose morals.

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