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14/10/2015 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
Fed up with negative media coverage ... Grace Mugabe

“YOU are uneducated; go back to school!,” President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, screamed Wednesday, lambasting the private media’s coverage of her.

She continued: “What kind of mothers bore you? Bring them here and we see what type of mothers they are. Varikwazvokwazvo amai ivava (are they normal these women)?”

Mugabe’s wife was addressing thousands of Zanu PF followers during a televised Rushinga rally in Mashonaland Central when she vented her fury at the media.

Grace overcame the ignominy of failing an undergraduate programme in English literature with a British university to earn a degree in Chinese and a doctorate in super quick time from the University of Zimbabwe although the latter award is questioned by many.

Despite previously claiming she did not pay attention to negative media reports about her and husband President Mugabe, the increasingly powerful First Lady betrayed the consternation at State House over the coverage.

Her rant also comes after Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, vowed to wield a legal hammer against the media over its coverage of Mugabe, his wife and divisions in the ruling Zanu PF party.

Local media have asked questions of the source of the millions of dollars Grace is using to donate all manner of goodies at rallies around the country whose purpose also remains murky.

Analysts have speculated that Grace is looking to succeed her 91-year-old husband with the support of a Zanu PF faction calling itself G-40.

The First Lady has also raised eyebrows by reducing vice presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phekelezela Mphoko to assistants who regularly consult her and take notes when she opens her mouth.

Mphoko, a senior by miles to Grace in Zanu PF structures, has lately been going round the country introducing Grace at her rallies.

But the First Lady said journalists claiming she was belittling the vice president were ignorant of protocol.

She said Wednesday: “How can you surely write foolish things like ‘Mphoko stood up to introduce the first lady’?

Kusaziva (ignorant of) protocol. You are uneducated; go back to school! Aah, you don’t know protocol! It’s embarrassing!

“You cannot produce such a ‘topic’ in the paper saying...it’s known all over the world how protocol is handled. Teach them Makwanya (ZBC reporter Judith) what protocol is all about.”


She said she did not understand why images of her had to dominate newspapers almost on a daily basis.

“Every day, kumukira picture yaMai Mugabe. Every day, yuwi! Don’t you have other people’s pictures! Hamheno!

“... Kusveronyora zvimapepa, rubbish! Stooping that low! Aah, it’s nonsense, aahh!” Grace said amid cheers from the crowd.

She continued: “I don’t understand these people (journalists). I don’t really understand them. Sometimes you ask yourself ‘is this really my child?’

“You are our children but sometimes you take it way too far. Aiwa, you take it too far my children, it’s too much.

“I think zvaakuda kuendeswa kwa psychologist kuona kuti dzakakwana here (It’s time you are taken for psychological examination).

Mugabe’s wife said she could never do right by the media.

If she travelled the around country, questions are asked and when she steps out of the limelight stories emerge claiming she is in intensive care at some hospital abroad.

“What do you want me to do? You come and tell me what I should do,” she said before ironically breaking into a giggle.

“Please be constructive. I have never refused to be criticised. Criticise me where I am wrong. But don’t just write silly things mhani!

“We also want to read your papers but we are fed up; we can’t read them because you produce rubbish, you produce rubbish! aah!”

She denied leading a Zanu PF faction, insisting she was 500 percent supportive of her husband’s leadership.

“They (private media) say Mai Mugabe has a faction,” she said.

“Where is the faction? I am Zanu PF 500 percent. I sleep, eat Zanu PF and my clothes are Zanu PF. I do not understand these people (journalists).

“I think they need a psychologist to see if they are not insane. People voted us to work and I will just work, work and work for the people of Zimbabwe.”

She added: “I will not stop working for Zanu PF because I stay with a hero (President Mugabe) and I work with big heroes.

“That is where I get direction. As long as I have energy, I will continue working and connecting with people kusvika vaputika matumbu iwayo.”

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