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30/06/2016 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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FORMER Zanu PF activist, Acie Lumumba, shocked supporters and journalists who were gathered at a local hotel in Harare Thursday when he shouted words insulting President Robert Mugabe, accusing him of abandoning the citizens for his personal gain.

Lumumba who resigned from the ruling party some few months ago after his fall out with his close ally, Minister of Youths and Indigenisation and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, told delegates that it was high time that he crossed the red line and told Mugabe the truth.

After finishing reading his prepared speech announcing the formation of his political party, Viva Zimbabwe, Lumumba said Mugabe’s misrule has brought suffering to ordinary Zimbabweans, adding that that alone was an “insult”.

“Now, I am done with my speech, I now speak for myself,” said Lumumba.

He added,“In politics there are red lines you do not cross; you don’t cross the red line and starting killing people, you don’t destroy people’s relationships, you don’t destroy people lives, you don’t destroy people’s families, you don’t take their future, you don’t destroy the future of young men and women for your personal gain.

“The red line we are now setting for the political dispensation is handiti hamusati mambotukwa, majaira kutuka nevanhu vanoita chihwande hwande, ma protestors, muma private hall ways. (You have never been insulted; you are used to protestors shouting at you, being insulted by people in their private homes).

“You have never really seen Zimbabweans angry so here is the red line, Mr President Robert Gabriel Mugabe ‘f…you’, I have drawn the line.

“My name is Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba; I have said it three times and I say come get me.”

It took some seconds and a moment of silence and gasps before a handful of party youths laughed and clapped their hands.

The former Zimbabwe Youth Council chairperson also said he makes no apologies for having been part of the ruling party and was happy to have ended his relationship with “corrupt crooks”.

He said: “I was in Zanu PF and spent close to two and half years in Zanu PF and I have no apologises for that, I have had an opportunity to work with politicians within that party and make no apologies for that.

“Zanu PF told me that they were in the business of creating jobs, they were in the business of empowering people and ensure that our lives were going to be better but once I was inside I realised that that promise was broken.”


Lumumba said when he was in the ruling party he was corrupt and he will not be running for any government position once in power because he was consumed by crocks and had learnt from the best.

“Imagine I was 23 years when I was given the whole province to run with a million dollar budget, what was I supposed to do with this? And before you know it, you ask for a car, then you get a truck, and you ask for a Benz before you know it yatouya (It has been delivered), and before you know it you are gone-consumed by corruption.”

“But I am okay now because I walked away from such a relationship.”

Lumumba said Viva Zimbabwe will be officially launched in September and that’s when he will also unveil his manifesto. He said after some consultation with party members, he decided not to run for any position as he is only good at mobilisation.

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