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16/09/2016 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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A MEETING organised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) came to an abrupt end on Thursday after Themba Mliswa, who is contesting in the October Norton by-election, told the chairperson, Rita Makarau that her organisation was “adulterously useless” and had caused many people’s deaths.

After speaking his mind, Mliswa, who is former Zanu PF chairman for Mashonaland West, stormed out. As soon as he had left, the meeting which sought to find a way forward with regards electoral reforms, voter registration, voter education and other stakeholders’ concerns, was called off and all the questions asked by several stakeholders were not answered.

Mliswa wanted to give evidence on police interference in Norton but was stopped by ZEC officials. However, Mliswa refused to be silenced arguing that it was better to discuss the imminent Norton by-election than to dwell on the 2018 elections. An angry Mliswa claimed that he had written several times to Makarau complaining about police behaviour in Norton but had been ignored.

Makarau was forced to intervene and offer a one-on-one meeting with Mliswa later during the day. Mliswa, however, refused the offer and asked to have his grievances addressed during the meeting.

“Mrs Makarau, I do not want to have coffee in your office. I have written to you several times asking for your intervention in issues taking place in Norton where I am not able to campaign as police have refused to give permission for my campaign but your office has done nothing,” fumed Mliswa.

He added: “Remember, I have been in the Zanu PF system for quite some time and you do not need anyone’s permission to campaign if you belong to Zanu PF.”

"This is a ZEC meeting not a Zanu-PF meeting. Is ZEC an extension of Zanu-PF? I did not disrupt this meeting all I want is for you to respond to what is happening in Norton. We cannot go to 2018 when things are like this in Norton."

"I put facts to you to respond; you are useless, adulterously useless. You are puppets and a waste of taxpayers' money and time. You a disgrace to the nation, you must resign with immediate effect. You are getting people killed in an election where the environment is not conducive," he added. 

“I will not come to your office because you are a useless commission and a waste of time to the nation. You must resign now as you are getting people killed during campaigns but have virtually done nothing for Zimbabweans. People have died everywhere else because of your unfairness. I will go out because I have made myself clear,” said Mliswa before storming out of the meeting which was held at the Rainbow Towers Hotel.


This week ZEC held three meetings in preparation for 2018 elections as well as by-elections with political parties, civil society organisations and other stakeholders. During the meetings, participants were not in agreement with ZEC which is accused of bias towards Zanu PF.


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