25 November 2017
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15/11/2016 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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THE continued harassment and caning of Zimbabweans by Botswana authorities is “unacceptable”, Harare said this week.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Acting Deputy Director International Relations, Langton Ngorima, said this Monday during a meeting organised by Reception Centres and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in response to the needs of the vulnerable migrants.

“We have very horrendous experiences that our nationals experience during the process of deportation and we are very concerned as a government because some of our nationals are forced back home without their dues and belongings.

“There is an increase in social rights violations on the South African and Botswana sides. Some of our nationals experience beatings on the Botswana side and this is unacceptable,” Ngorima said.

Ngorima’s comments come after the parliamentary portfolio committee for foreign affairs recently visited the Plumtree border and witnessed the deportation of injured Zimbabweans some of whom could hardly walk due to caning.

Last month, Zimbabwe refused to take an injured man who was shot by Botswana police officers. Zimbabwe said Botswana should treat the man before deporting him. In 2013, a Zimbabwean was shot and injured in Botswana after he demanded his wages.

Botswana law permits the caning of offenders by traditional leaders.

According to experts, South Africa is currently deporting more than 1000 Zimbabweans per month as economic hardships force many to cross the border without work permits and/ passports.

According to government, Zimbabweans are routinely forced to stand in long queues for several hours and subjected to ill treatment at both the South African and Botswana border points with Zimbabwe.


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