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01/01/2017 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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FIREBRAND legislator for Glen Norah Webster Maondera has set the cat among the pigeons, insisting fellow MPs who support a proposed law facilitating the use of bond notes in the country deserved killing by a firing squad.

Maondera was debating the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Amendment Bill in parliament recently during which fellow party MP Anele Ndebele accused President Robert Mugabe’s government of bullying the nation into accept the loathed currency the same way it visited Gukurahundi massacres on people in Matebeleland back in the 1980s.

Maondera, on his part, said it was clear from a report presented in the house by parliament’s finance committee that many Zimbabweans were against the surrogate currency.

“Mr. Speaker Sir, from the report that was given by the Committee that collected the views of the people, it looks like the majority of the people were against the bond notes,” Maondera said.

“So, if I could have my own way, those people who are supporting bond notes deserve to be killed by a firing squad because they are going against the will of the people of Zimbabwe.”

His comments torched vehement interjections from Zanu PF supporters who were in support of the law which seeks to buttress the controversial invocation of the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act by President Mugabe in November to give some legal semblance to the use of the notes.

But the MDC-T lawmaker stood his ground although he tried to fend off censure from the Speaker of the house by insisting he was saying it “in a metaphorical way”.

Maondera was adamant that Zimbabwean leaders should respect the will of the people and stop the habit of bulldozing through unpopular policies.

“So, it is important that we continue to go along with the will of the people, what the people said about the bond notes...,” he said.

Maondera also protested the bond notes which he said were printed on poor quality of paper.

“My point is that, before we brought in this Bill before this august House we should have done our thorough homework about the quality of the bond notes.

Gukurahundi tactics

“...As it stands right now, people from my constituency are crying about the quality of the bond note.  So, I am urging the Hon. Minister to go back to the drawing board.”


The defiant legislator urged Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to give MPs time to understand laws being introduced in the House as opposed to shoving them down the throats of legislators, some of who were clueless on what the laws entailed.

“I urge the Minister to give this House ample time for us to get to understand,” he said.

“You will be shocked honourable speaker that some honourable members do not know what you are talking about; they do not know what this law entails.

“If we are given ample time; we do not want to be pigeonholed so that we deliberate and consult our constituencies and pass a law which is of national importance.”

During the same sitting, MDC-T Magwegwe legislator Anele Ndebele also touched a raw nerve when he accused President Mugabe of behaving the same way he did when he sent his army to kill civilians through the Gukurahundi massacres.

“Every time these Temporary Presidential Powers are invoked, the Government uses those powers to railroad very painful things upon the people of Zimbabwe,” Ndebele said.

“... I have noticed over time that every time this Government has something very bad and difficult to drive through, it uses the Presidential Powers Act, so clearly, the bond notes are coming under a very unhygienic situation. 

“I remember Honourable Speaker, that the last time this was ever used was when the Law and Order Maintenance Act was used to declare war upon Matabeleland ...This was done outside Parliament.”

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