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19/04/2017 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
The late Charles Kuwaza

THE shock suicide by ex-State Procurement Board chair Charles Kuwaza Tuesday has exposed a trend in which corrupt cronies sacrificed by President Robert Mugabe have either landed in hospital or in the grave.

Zimbabwe’s political folklore is littered with innumerable corruption scandals by President Mugabe’s lieutenants. But where Mugabe has been consistent is in his failure to act on the cases.

It has however, emerged that in the few cases that he has, the culprits have either failed to live long enough to see justice is delivered against them or they simply suffer sudden ailments.

The list involves some of those fingered in political treachery.

One time Mines Minister Maurice Nyagumbo ended his own life 1989 by taking poison after President Mugabe had opened a probe of corrupt lieutenants mired in a vehicle sale scandal.

Former principal director in the ministry without portfolio William Nhara died 2007 of suspected kidney ailment after President Mugabe had ignored his pleas for mercy following corruption allegations.

The so-nicknamed diamond geezer was accused of illegal possession of diamonds and bribing a policeman.

In 2015, former mines minister Amos Midzi also took poison after he had been accused of forming an elaborate plot led by then Vice President Joice Mujuru to remove President Mugabe.

Kuwaza, who allegedly leapt from the 9th floor of a city building, joins a growing list of those forsaken by Mugabe who have decided to end their lives.

Those who seem to have weathered the storm, albeit with difficulties, include then Public Service Minister, Nicholas Goche who was 2014 taken into ICU after he was also linked to a dodgy Mugabe assassination plot involving South African and Israeli hit men.

Socio-economic ventures minister Simon Khaya-Moyo was taken ill a year ago and only resurfaced few weeks ago looking wasted.

The former Zanu PF national chair and one time heir in the line of former PF Zapu senior politicians to be crowned VP was lucky to survive the Zanu PF purges but lost his dream job.

His appointment into what is seen as an insignificant portfolio all but threw him on the peripheries of the country’s dicey but highly rewarding political game.

Under fire Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere is a late comer among President Mugabe’s lily livered loyalists who also could not stomach the ignominy of political wilderness.


Kasukuwere was reportedly taken ill over a week ago after demands for his ouster by party loyalists reached a crescendo.

Harare based political commentator Kudzayi Kwangwari said the mystery ailments were caused by people finding themselves suddenly thrown to the vultures by Mugabe when the rest of their corrupt comrades were still nestling under Mugabe’s wings.

“Some are taken as sacrificial lambs to seem to demonstrate to the public that corruption is not acceptable.

“When that happens, the victim really suffers, hence deaths, illness and other misfortunes,” Kwangwari says.

PDP secretary general Godern Moyo says how the corrupt meet their ending is immaterial.

“Those who live by the sword die by the sword,” he says.

“Whether they get sick or dumped or encouraged to take their own lives makes no difference.”

Takavafira Zhou, another political commentator, said those sacrificed would have been used enough by Mugabe and would now be meat for the vultures.

“As long as you still serve Zanu PF interests your sins are overlooked but it is after one’s usefulness expires that you are forsaken leading to the deaths.”

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