22 October 2017
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06/07/2017 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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THE Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) party has poured cold water on Nkosana Moyo’s recently launched bid for the presidency, saying the former cabinet minister’s respect for democracy is questionable.

Moyo was one of the few non-Zanu PF technocrats invited to join President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet as an industry minister in 2000.

He resigned a year later, condemning the Harare regime’s policies and went on to become, among other things, vice president of the African Development Bank. Unimpressed, the spurned Mugabe scorned the physicist as a coward.

Benjamin Paradza, the exiled High Court judge and Zunde president, said while Moyo deserves a thumbs-up for “disembarking the Zanu PF gravy train”, he did nothing else since his resignation to advocate either political or economic reforms in the country.

“He (Moyo) left the political scene and went underground never to say a word about anything — not even a word of solidarity with the people he now seeks to govern as president,” Paradza said in a statement on Wednesday.

“It almost seems that he had decided to have little or nothing to do with helping his fellow countrymen until a couple of months ago when he was pushed by someone, or some force to have a go at it.

“For that reason, he does not stand out as a genuine fighter for democracy.”

Paradza said Moyo has only managed to shoot-down other parties’ policies and initiatives, particularly the indigenisation policy and the mooted opposition coalition, without providing his preferred alternatives.

“According to him it is execution (of the indigenisation policy) that he disagrees with. We would like to hear more about how he intends to correct what has already gone wrong with these policies,” dared Paradza.

“Zunde acknowledges that land and industry are the backbones of the economy anchored by good governance and the rule of law. They cannot be recklessly placed in the hands of people who do not know the value of those means of production.”

Announcing his decision to challenge Mugabe in next year’s elections, Moyo dismissed ongoing opposition efforts to form a united front against the Zanu PF leader, disparaging individuals involved in the coalition talks as “job seekers”.

Paradza said Moyo was defeating the cause he claims to be fighting for by speaking against the importance of coalition of opposition which people clearly prefer.


“We are also concerned that Nkosana Moyo does not believe in unity of the opposition in this fight for democracy. What sort of a leader would you be if you are going to trash the concept of a coalition formed primarily to bring about change as one?

“If Nkosana Moyo’s entry had been characterised by a loud call for unity of the democratic forces, he would have won a lot of hearts. Your first shot seems to have misfired.”

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