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10/07/2017 00:00:00
by Bulawayo correspondent
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THE Alliance for People’s Agenda leader, Nkosana Moyo, says if he was elected president he would fix Zimbabwe’s problems within one term (five years) and then quit.

He also said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) like Apartheid South Africa has no capacity to stop the will of the people if they vote in their numbers.

Moyo, who announced his presidential bid last month, said this while responding to concerns by some participants during a meeting with some civic society organizations in Bulawayo on Friday.

The former industry minister said while he acknowledged that ZEC may not be impartial, he believed the electoral body would not have the power to alter the will of the people if Zimbabweans voted for change in their large numbers.

“I believe there is no force in the world that has the power to stop the will of the people when the time has come. You all remember how powerful the apartheid regime was, but South Africa still got its independence. Here at home, we got our independence despite the mighty of the (Ian) Smith regime,” Moyo said.

Moyo, a physicist and also a renowned banker who once worked for the International Monetary Fund, said Zimbabwe’s problem is that most eligible voters do not cast their ballot.

“Only 43 per cent of eligible voters in this country vote. I believe this is because those who do not vote boycott the elections most probably because they do not like the candidates who are offering themselves for the job.

“I always equate this to a restaurant owner who consistently offers one dish-pork for instance-and then those who do not eat pork don’t patronize his restaurant,” Moyo said, urging Zimbabweans to take polls seriously.

Moyo equated the presidency to the position of a chief executive in a company and said Zimbabweans must think carefully about the candidate they will choose as that person must be competent enough to take the country out of the economic quagmire that it is in.

He said, “If a vacancy for a CEO arose in a company, the normal thing is that the best person for the job would be the one to be chosen and that choice is made according to the competency of the candidates.”

“You know already how some of the candidates have performed in the past. I am offering myself because I believe I am capable of turning the fortunes of this country around. Our economy is dysfunctional and our state institutions are beholden to a political party. They are partisan and that should not be the case,” he added.



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