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10/11/2017 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
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THE newly formed African People’s Alliance (APA) will be the next government but will not hold any campaign rallies, its leader Nkosana Moyo said this week.

Speaking at the launch of provincial structures in Harare, Moyo said his party had a unique way of soliciting votes that would not endanger his supporters to violent rivals, adding that T-Shirts were not only unaffordable to most people, but were discriminatory and would also expose their members to harassment.

Moyo, a former Minister of industry in President Robert Mugabe’s government, resigned in 2001 while in South Africa after serving for less than a year.

He launched his party in November last year in Harare, with a promise to turn around the economic fortunes of the country.

With a wealth of administration experience gained from working for various international organisations, including the World Bank, Moyo vowed to defeat his former boss in the 2018 presidential election and turn around the country’s fortunes in just five years.  

“The reality of today is that the country is poisoned and people are killed for wearing T-shirts. Let us not expose each other. And if I go begging for money from donors to print T-shirts, I will be selling out and I cannot sell the country for T-shirts,” he said.

He added “We don’t want leaders who beg for money to buy you T-shirts and fertilizers; we want leaders who can fix the economy and create jobs so that you can have the dignity to buy your own things,”

Moyo said the money that the government was using to purportedly buy citizens food and other things was stolen from the very people the authorities were claiming to help.

He said the APA government would create a Zimbabwe that was pro-poor and would ensure there was equitable distribution of the country’s resources.

“We believe in solidarity, helping the less privileged because we are social democrats. It is not proper to have those in government living in splendor while the ordinary people live in squalor. We need to show leadership and not be bossy,” he said.

The former World Bank boss said voters should be able to recall failed leaders who were under-performing as they were the bosses.

“We create monsters in Africa because we tell them we are below you; we believe in servants’ leadership where the leaders are your workers. You must tell them what you want them to do,” he said.


Moyo said Zimbabweans should apologise to the country’s freedom fighters because of the mess they had made of independent Zimbabwe which the war veterans had wrestled from white rule.

“What we have done to this country does not go along with what the freedom fighters fought for. We need to apologize for what we did,” he said.

The APA government, he said, would offer free education and free health to all, noting however, that this had to be after first fixing the economy.

“There are two things; the first is education where we are saying no one should fail to go to school because they could not raise fees. The second is that we will institute free health, but please remember that we must fix the economy first, because we must create the money first,” he said.

“So our biggest task is to first return the economy to where it was and create jobs so that the government can get the money to fund free education and health. Our first priority is a working environment, which should be created by us through inviting Foreign Direct Investment,” he said


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