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Lacoste and G40 equally evil, says Dongo

10/11/2017 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
Dont be used ... Margaret Dongo

MARGARET Dongo has appealed to Zimbabweans to refrain from taking sides in the Zanu PF internal fights following the ouster of former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, leader of the Lacoste faction.

She described the so-called Generation (G40) faction as equally evil, selfish and unconcerned about the welfare of the people. 

Her remarks come after the excitement over the expulsion of President Robert Mugabe’s right hand man of four decades on allegations of fanning factionalism, deceitfulness, unreliability and lacking in probity when executing duties. 

Analysts claim at the centre of it is Mugabe’s desire to prepare his wife Grace’s rise and eliminate any threats to his plan.

Dongo said the succession wars in the ruling party Zanu PF were evidence that the country’s leadership had forgotten about the people while concentrating their efforts on consolidating power at whatever cost.

“It is not wise to pick a side in the fight between Lacoste and G40. They are not fighting for you and me. They are fighting for power. They are not fighting for democracy, freedom, justice, peace or anything of value to you and me. So this fight has nothing to do with us. Whoever ends up victorious is all the same to you and me because we gain nothing,” she said in a statement this week.

“It's like a fight between two crocodiles. Whichever wins it will still be unsafe for you and me to cross the river. It's like a fight between two rapists fighting for a woman chained to a wall, whoever wins will go ahead to rape the woman.

“Both sides have done great evil together. Both sides continue in their evil. Don't be fooled into thinking there is a better side, a better devil because there is no such thing as a better devil because a devil is a devil.”

Dongo said Zanu PF is a party of people bound together by atrocities they committed collectively and even if they fight, somehow they eventually find each other.

“Whoever wins, you and me will continue to lose. And whoever loses, they will talk back later and be friends again,” said Dongo. 

However Zanu PF has not reconciled with those expelled before Mnangagwa including herself.

Dongo, a war veteran, was once a CIO spy before she became a Zanu PF MP for Harare East. She was to be expelled from the party due to her criticism of the party leadership.


Mnangagwa worked with the First Family to rid of his predecessor Joice Mujuru in a national political cleansing exercise which decimated careers of countless senior members and war veterans. 

Now a number of ministers including Patrick Chinamasa, Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri, State Security minister Kembo Mohadi and politburo members are all targeted and could soon follow Mnangagwa who is understood to have skipped the country in fear for his life.

Mugabe has since threatened Mnangagwa with death.  

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