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12/11/2017 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
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SIXTY sitting women legislators were not chosen on merit and have done nothing for the people they are supposed to represent to prove their worth as law makers, Norton MP Temba Mliswa said.  

The outspoken Mliswa also said he doesn’t believe in the quota system which has led to a bloated Parliament as it has been a waste of tax payers’ money.

“It’s high time that the affirmative action programme comes to an end,” he said.   

Mliswa was among the panellists at a public forum organised by Media Connect recently to discuss affirmative action within the governance and politics sector.

He said it pains him to see some organisations that claim to represent women while making individuals rich and pompous. He also attacked politicians who abuse women.

“All these organisations that represent women are not even doing anything but just wasting donor’s money and yet when they go to rural areas where the majority of women are they shun them,” said Mliswsa.

“But more shockingly, when its election time, most women forget about their rights and start being abused by politicians and being told the same story that they will be empowered by the next government.”

He added, “I have seen them dancing for pots and blankets are rallies being distributed by male politicians surprisingly women dance, ululating as if they are seeing these things for the first time.”

“This also shows their weaknesses and they must stop blaming the government for that.”  

He went on to say there was evidence that affirmative action has not brought the desired results and women themselves had lost faith in it.

“We have 60 women elected in the last election to represent women. What have they done for you? Nothing! And no one has questioned them.

“Leadership is more than that. Are you able to deliver? Are you able to serve the people, and this is where the aspect of merit comes in.”

He added, “On top of the 60 which you are given for free you women are equally allowed to contest in the 210 constituencies.”

“But they choose now to elect men.”



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