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Leaving the opposition MDC-T party ... Eric Knight who is now based in the UK

02/01/2018 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
Not sure former DJ was still party member ... Obert Gutu

FORMER ZBC disc jockey and veteran broadcaster Eric Knight has quit the opposition MDC-T party.

Knight was a losing MDC-T candidate for Mbare constituency in the 2013 general election in which he lost to Zanu PF's Tendai Savanhu.

In a Facebook post on New Year’s Day, the UK-based former DJ said he had communicated officially with the opposition party about his reasons which he did not immediately share.

"Today, the 1st of January 2018, I would like to tell you all that I am no longer a member of the MDC party.

"This is a decision I personally made because of more than one reason. I have already informed the party through other channels," said Knight.

However, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu seemed to scoff at Knight's announcement.

"I am not even aware that Eric Knight was still a member of the MDC," said Gutu.

Knight, in his statement, claimed his interests and vision were no longer in sync with the opposition party giving credence to rumours that he might join Zanu PF.

"Without giving much details at this stage, I can only disclose that among the various reasons that prompted me to this decision, is the fact that my personal vision, beliefs and ambitions were no longer compatible with the Party's policies and modus operandi.

"In more than one way I also felt that we were no longer on the same wave-length in terms of priorities and goals. Somewhere along the lines I felt that there has been a digression from the principles that attracted me to the movement in the first place," Knight said.

He added he had tried but failed to get an explanation of the reasons for "digression" from the party.

"I ceased to see the direction and the trajectory the organisation was now embarking on,” said the former ZBC staffer.

“I have made several attempts get clarity and explanations on that front, but sadly and unsuccessfully got any answers, except being accused of betrayal, disloyalty and have sometimes being labelled by all the negative superlatives normally associated with anyone with any open mind.

"Out of respect of the MDC as a party, I will only publicise further details if it is necessary. All I can say is that my commitment to playing a significant role in helping Mother Zimbabwe rise up again is as strong as ever, if not better".

Knight said he will continue to fight for democracy in Zimbabwe as well as concentrate on broadcasting "for now".


He said he had been unfairly criticised for his "outspokenness" but vowed to continue calling on Zimbabweans to accept the divergent political views in and outside the country.

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