22 January 2018
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07/01/2018 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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EXILED former cabinet minister Patrick Zhuwao has scorned the country’s opposition for wilfully sanitasing the November coup which forced his uncle and long serving President Robert Mugabe out of power.

Zhuwao, Mugabe's Labour and Social Welfare Minister, was forced to skip the country when the military placed the former leader under siege ostensibly to fish out “criminals” who were abusing their proximity him to commit crimes.

Together with former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo, they remain the most vocal of the infamous G40 “cabal” that formed Mugabe’s inner circle before his ouster.

But writing in an article also posted on social media at the weekend, Zhuwao vowed resistance against the new Emmerson Mnangagwa government under the banner of what he termed #2018Resistance.

In his rants, Zhuwao, who is believed to be in Kenya, vented his frustrations against the opposition which he said was quick to embrace what he described as pirates and robbers.

“We are actually astounded by elements that have moved to congratulate people that have been appointed to positions on the basis of the commission of a litany of illegal, unconstitutional and treasonable acts by the coup conspirators and terrorist junta regime,” he said.

He added: “The coup conspirators and terrorist junta found willing accomplices amongst the agents of regime change in the opposition. Mbavha nemhondi idzi dzakatengesa vaMugabe sekutengeswa kwakaitwa Mambo Jesu naJudas Iscariot (thieves and murderers sold Mugabe out exactly the way Jesus was sold out by naJudas Iscariot).

“Self-styled advocates of democracy and constitutionalism were ready to sacrifice the principle of adherence to the Constitution at the altar of expediently by (sic) dispensing with Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Vakachekeresa vaMugabe (they sacrificed Mugabe). They were used in a rather superficial way to sanitize a coup. Vakaitiswa (they were used).”

When Mugabe was ousted, regional leaders who had earlier called for a return to civilian rule were beat a cautious retreat when hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans poured onto the streets in different parts of the country to support the military intervention.

The opposition also did not think twice to embrace the end of Mugabe’s rule, going further to encourage its supporters to join in festivities that were called to welcome the new dispensation.


Prominent opposition leaders such as ex-Vice President Joice Mujuru and ex-Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai attended Mnangagwa’s inauguration days later. The opposition has also endorsed Mnangagwa’s presidency in subsequent media pronouncements.

But Zhuwao found everything wrong with Zanu PF opponents he said ignored the apparent illegality of Mugabe’s overthrow and, instead, concentrating on what were signs some of their leaders were going to be co-opted into what was widely believed would be a post Mugabe unity administration.

“Some opportunistic leaders of opposition formations who were promised ministerial posts in a proposed post-coup coalition government have discovered that they were used to mobilise their supporters to sanitise an exclusionary project referred to as Chinhu Chedu (our thing).

“Whilst fully aware that a coup had been committed, they chose to refuse to acknowledge it publicly hoping that they would be among the five cabinet ministers clandestinely earmarked for the opposition. Ava ndivo vakaitiswa (these were worst victims of manipulation) last number,” he said.

Zhuwao said there was an emerging strong national resistance against the country’s new rulers adding this said shall culminate in their shock defeat.

He however, did not give any evidence of such.

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