18 February 2018
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07/02/2018 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
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THE MDC-T's internal power struggle took a nasty turn Wednesday after the youth assembly came out guns blazing accusing three senior leaders of working to bring back ousted state president Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe was ousted in military coup in November last year and was replaced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

With the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, unwell, suffering from colon cancer top party leaders have been heckling over succession in a replay of Zanu PF's power struggles that culminated in Mugabe's inglorious exit after 37 years in power.

MDC-T youth assembly leader Happymore Chidziva, Wednesday, demanded a national executive meeting to deal with the "state of the party".

“The national youth assembly takes great exception at the recent conduct of the party’s two vice presidents, Hon Thokozani Khupe and Elias Mudzuri together with the party’s secretary general Douglas Mwonzora.

"It is our understanding that the trio are currently in Cape Town South Africa attending a Coalition Building Workshop. Their participation at such forum directly violates a national council resolution which exclusively mandated the president (Tsvangirai) to deal with such issues," Chidziva said in a statement.

Tsvangirai, Chidziva said, has previously turned down a similar invite hence the trio's actions are in direct contravention of the party line and "also shows disdain for the party president who, in accordance with the national council decision had refused to associate with such exercises conducted by non- Zimbabweans and abroad."

"What is most disturbing is news filtering through that attempts are being made to bring back the discredited former President Robert Mugabe through the backdoor being pioneered through this process.

"The MDC Alliance is a lasting legacy endowed to us by the party president, and a great visionary, Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai," the statement said.

Chidziva was not holding back: "As the youth assembly it is our duty to defend this legacy and condemn with neither fear nor favour, any element bent on rubbishing this legacy, especially those who go against the agreed party position in pursuit of agendas that do not serve the interests of the party or the generality of Zimbabweans whom we serve."

Khupe and Mwonzora, in particular, are reportedly against the MDC Alliance cobbled by Tsvangirai and other fringe opposition leaders while another faction fronted by the other vice president Nelson Chamisa is seen as favouring the agreement.


Early Wednesday, Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa to take charge of both the party and coalition business and effectively undercutting Mudzuri "until the president returns".

Chidziva accused the three senior leaders of betraying the "democratic struggle".

"Derailing the people’s movement is akin to betraying the people of Zimbabwe who suffered through several dark epochs in our history from the liberation struggle, Gukurahundi, post 2000 election related violence, operation Murambatsvina, and other such episodes.

"The young people have no option but to preserve the future of this nation, and our lasting legacy to the generations to come. We owe it to posterity as our generational mandate to secure a better future for our children," he said. 

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