20 November 2017
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24/01/2012 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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A MAN faces eviction from a Bulawayo neighbourhood over claims his goblins are RAPING his neighbours’ wives, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Malibeni Mhlanga admits buying five of the nocturnal creatures from an inyanga in Insuza, 80km north of the city, after being told they would bring him riches.

The dad-of-one, who lives in the working class Entumbane suburb, says far from bringing him riches, the goblins made his life hell as they:

♦ Constantly raped his wife.
♦ Terrorised his neighbours’ wives.
♦ Brought disease and caused accidents.
To compound his troubles, Mhlanga says the medicine man who sold him the gremlins has since DIED.

His wife, Margaret Dube, tells the NewsDay newspaper that one of the goblins “walks like a goat”, while other descriptions include one looking like an owl and another which is a “human-like creature”.

Mhlanga said they had managed to kill three of the five goblins during an exorcism ceremony, but the two remaining were making his home uninhabitable.

Now neighbours are also turning the heat. They gathered outside his home on Monday demanding that he leaves the neighbourhood.

The desperate Mhlanga told NewsDay: “I am seeking assistance for the removal or destruction of these goblins because it now affects our daily lives such that we cannot even live in our own house.

“I urinate blood every time, and it has sex with my wife every time.”

His wife, Margaret, added: “It walks like a goat, and when it has sex with me, I often feel tired and spit blood. One day my bag was mysteriously increasing in size and we called a Gokwe prophet to cleanse our homestead.

“One goblin looked like an owl. The prophet we brought from Gokwe also removed two snakes and a human-like creature which when ripped apart contained a picture of our son.

“After the event, a tenant who lived here was involved in an accident. We have sought assistance from the police and we had a meeting with the councillor.”

Beliefs in witchcraft - both as a way to cause destruction and bring good fortune - are so widespread in Zimbabwe it is recognised by the law.


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