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Talk of the town ... Malibeni Mhlanga at his home surrounded by curious neighbours

09/02/2012 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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A CONFESSED goblin owner who faced eviction from a Bulawayo neighbourhood over claims the nocturnal creature was raping his neighbours’ wives has won a reprieve – after the gnome was KILLED.

Malibeni Mhlanga told New Zimbabwe.com a self-styled prophet wrestled the sex-crazed brownie and killed it last week, days after angry neighbours stormed his Entumbane home.

Mhlanga says his wife, Margaret Dube, who also suffered frequent sexual abuse by the goblin, has not experienced any unwelcome erotic encounters since it was allegedly captured and killed by the volunteering prophet, only identified as Siziba.

Mhlanga admits to acquiring five tikoloshes from an inyanga a few years ago after the traditional healer told him they would bring him good fortune and wealth.

But his riches were short-lived, Mhlanga admits, and his life became hell. An exorcist helped kill four of them, but one survived, and years later it would become notorious for raping women.

New Zimbabwe.com (NZ) caught up with Mhlanga (MM) who says he regrets his past, and has now found God:
NZ: Can you tell us how it all started?

MM: My predicament started some years ago when I built a homestead and sought to secure it against evil spirits and misfortune. I also wanted a charm to bring me good luck, wealth, have a big herd of cattle and boost my harvest.

I decided that a witchdoctor was the answer to my aspirations. I consulted one who gave me a bunch of small tree roots and assured me that my dreams would soon translate into reality. He advised me to bury some of the roots at the epicenter of the homestead and place some at its four corners.

The witchdoctor also instructed me to bury some of them in the cattle kraal to boost my herd. I complied. He assured me that my fortunes would soon start turning around, and indeed in no time I became a respected wealthy man in my village, my cattle multiplied. Life became pleasant.

But as time went by, things started getting cockeyed. Very strange occurrences became the order of the day. Bizarre things started to happen. I became worried and started asking myself a lot of questions. What exactly was going on? I wondered.


I then decided to consult a mystic who told me that there were goblins in my homestead. He asked if I had any idea who the owner could be. I was very honest with him, I told him I couldn’t blame it on anyone, the goblins were mine. The mystic then performed a ritual and killed some of the creatures. Thereafter, peace prevailed, but for a while.

NZ: How many goblins did you have at that time?

MM: They were four in the beginning, I had four… (pause followed by a brief inaudible whisper in the background). Actually they were five. When I left my Insuza rural homestead for Bulawayo, I thought I had become gnome-free.

I was convinced the mystic had killed all of them, but one had somehow escaped and without my knowledge followed us to town and set base in our house.

This goblin became very troublesome in a mischievous way. It had no discipline, started acting unilaterally and doing things I had not instructed it to do.

To make matters worse, it started having sex with my wife. This upset me a lot. How could this thing sleep with my wife? I started running around looking for help. I had become very concerned, as you would imagine.

NZ: Since this creature had the means and ability to have sex with women, would it be accurate to imagine it looked human?

MM: It resembled an animal; a middle sized animal. But I could not see it, no-one could. It became very evasive because it knew that I would kill it if we ever crossed paths. It would run away during day and only sneak in at night when we were fast asleep. That is when it would do all sorts of mischief to my wife and abuse her.

NZ: Some of your neighbors doubt the chaos they experienced could have been caused by a single tikoloshe. Did you not have more?

MM: I only had one here in Entumbane. As I said, the rest were killed long ago. It had no respect and that is why it started terrorising everyone, including wives of our neighbors. I would equate its behaviour to that of a dog. When you have a mad dog in your homestead, it can bite anyone who comes in. It doesn’t choose who it bites.

NZ: We spoke to the councillor representing your ward who told us that the creature was captured and killed by a self-styled prophet last week. What’s the situation like these days?

MM: Now we can breathe fresh air and be at ease, thanks to a man of God called Sithole, he is the one who killed it. No his name is Siziba, not Sithole. He captured it and killed it. Now we are free, there is peace in the house and the neighborhood as a whole. My wife is happy, even the neighbors tell us they are now at peace; they haven’t experienced any trouble since Siziba intervened. He really helped us; he is a true man of God.

NZ: Did he show it to anyone after killing it?

MM: Yes he did. It was a big creature, sort of… when he captured it, he instructed all members of my family to keep a distance saying if we came closer and inhaled the air surrounding it, we could die. So we kept a distance. He wrestled it and submerged it in a dish full of water. Again, Siziba emphasised that family members should push back as the risk of dying was very high. He said the goblin was angry and wanted us dead.

MM: But exactly what did it look like? Did it resemble any living creature that you can think of?

MM: It looked like a big rat. A rabbit maybe! Yes, exactly like a rabbit. It was very hairy and the size of a rabbit, a fully grown rabbit. That’s how it looked like.

Seeking God ... Members of a local church lead prayers for a frail-looking Mhlanga

NZ: Is your wife satisfied with Siziba’s cleansing and as hopeful as you sound?
She is happy that the goblin is dead. She says she hasn’t felt any trouble at night since.
NZ: No more unwelcome sexual encounters?

MM: No, not at all! The only problem that she’s still grappling is the pain all over her body, the pain from abuse by this thing. It was not human, so the fact that an animalistic creature would force itself on her made her sick. But she is getting stronger.

NZ: What can you advise those who may cherish thoughts of consulting a witchdoctor in search of fortune like you did?

MM: They shouldn’t try, they could die. The person who gave me these goblins died. He didn’t live long. People should not keep things that they do not understand. They should learn from my experience.

I hope I have served a good example to those who believe in muti-induced riches. It just doesn’t work. You die. Goblins can kill you. Eventually they turn against you and kill you. They can strangle you to death.

NZ: Tradition tells us that goblins are used for witchcraft purposes, casting spells on other people or even killing them. Did you not use yours to bewitch other people?

MM: No. I never bewitched anyone. I never killed anyone. Our elders couldn’t have been so right when they invented the saying about ancestors turning their backs on posterity. That is exactly what happened to me. I was very unfortunate to accept things that I did not understand. It’s like death; it’s not a good life at all even though there are riches involved. Its death!

NZ: We are told some of your neighbours are still terrified. Would you like to take this opportunity to assure them of their safety?

MM: The goblin is dead. It’s no longer there. I share my neighbours’ frustrations. I’m also not in the best of health. I have become very emaciated and weak. This thing wanted to kill me. Even my wife is not yet fully recovered. She had also become ill. So my neighbors should have peace of mind, the goblin is dead.

NZ: And lastly, any message for your ‘saviour’ Siziba?

MM: I thank him daily. May God bless him with a longer life. Henceforth, I will start going to church like other people, repent and be a born again Christian.

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