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29/08/2012 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter
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PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma’s “excited and overzealous” facilitation team must stop pestering Zimbabwean leaders, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara said Tuesday vowing to resist the imposition of foreign solutions to the country’s problems.

Zuma is helping facilitate dialogue between parties in the coalition government on behalf of the regional SADC grouping, and his backroom team is in Harare to try and break the deadlock over the country’s new constitution.

But Mutambara said Zuma’s team should give coalition principals time to consult and reach an agreement and only travel to Harare when requested.

“Barely one week after the Maputo Summit, the team is already here on a ‘sight-seeing visit’,” Mutambara’s party said in a statement Tuesday.

“The facilitation team seems to be very excited and overzealous. It must wait to be called by the principals when there is need. The team must desist from pestering, stampeding and rounding up the Principals like domestic animals.”

Mutambara claimed GPA principals were still to conclude consultations over the draft constitution adding they should be given time to “find one another and come up with a solution that reflects our hopes and aspirations as a nation.”

He insisted that it was only his MDC leadership rival and Industry and Commerce Minister Welshman Ncube who had already taken a position over the draft and amendments proposed by Zanu PF.

“The Principals are still to meet, exchange notes and make their official positions known on the draft Constitution,” he said.

“Zuma’s newly appointed newspaper 'principal' (Ncube) has already made his position known because he was part of the Management Committee that produced the draft. He must give others time to look at the document.”

However, the recent SADC summit in Maputo resolved that Mutambara would no longer be involved with Zuma’s team following his ouster by Ncube as MDC leader, although a government spokesman later said the deputy premier remains a GPA principal after challenging his ouster at the Supreme Court.

The MDC parties have since endorsed the draft charter, rejecting as unacceptable several amendments proposed by Zanu PF.

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai declared a deadlock over the issue Tuesday, urging SADC to intervene and help break the impasse.


Still, Mutambara said foreign solutions to the country’s problems would not be accepted.

“The answer to the Zimbabwean problem is strictly Zimbabwean and not foreign. To this effect, any help that is meant to humiliate this Great Nation and its people shall be resisted,” Mutambara’s party said.

“Zuma’s facilitation team and its known foreign “stake holders” must not take us for granted. We are watching and monitoring their activities. We are not blind, neither are we deaf and dump.”

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