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Munya faces Big Brother eviction
by: Showbiz Reporter

ZIMBABWE’S Munyaradzi Chidzonga, or Munya to his fans, faces eviction from Big Brother Africa All Stars on Sunday after being nominated this week.

Viewers of the reality TV show will decide through telephone and SMS voting who gets the boot between the 24-year-old Zimbabwean and South Africa’s big-chested Lerato.

Two housemates – Ghana’s Sammy and Uganda’s Hannington – have already been evicted, but the pair were surprised to discover they are still in the GAME after being sent to an alternative house called the Big Brother BARN which is fitted with TVs allowing them to watch over the remaining 12 housemates.

With the show being hosted in South Africa and going out on DStv, Munya would need the rest of Africa voting to keep him in the competition which has a winner’s prize of US$200,000.

On the official Big Brother website, the show’s fans were asked who they want to save between Munya and Lerato. By Friday night, 13,928 people had voted – 64 percent of them backing the South African beauty to stay.

When asked ‘nominated or not, which housemate do you want to be evicted next?’, Angola’s Tatiana topped the unpopularity contest with 28 percent of the vote and Munya was second on 18 percent. If that poll is a precursor of what’s to come, Mozambique’s Jennifer Mussanhane is a shoe-in for the top prize as she comes last with only 2.3 percent wanting to see her back.


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Published On: Thursday, August 05, 2010 7:42 PM GMT
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