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14/11/2012 00:00:00
by Nicholas Goche
Statement ... Nicholas Goche
Zanu PF threatens JOMIC pull out

Statement by Zanu PF's JOMIC co-chair Nicholas Goche on his party's concerns about the body that monitors compliance with a 2008 powewr sharing pact between Zanu PF and the two MDC factions (November 14, 2012):

ZANU PF has observed certain areas of operations of the Zimbabwe Institute (ZI) which it thinks should be brought to the attention of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC).

The Zimbabwe Institute (ZI) manages the finances and related logistics in support of the work of Jomic including accounting to Donors on behalf of Jomic and has been doing so since 2009 when Jomic was setup.

ZI is a Zimbabwean policy research think tank dedicated to influencing policy development and politics in Zimbabwe according to social democratic principles. Its headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa.

Beginning 2010, ZI operations have largely shifted from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Initially ZI had only two offices in the building that housed Jomic at 134 King George Road, Avondale, Harare. Now ZI has transferred most of its staff from Cape Town to Harare.

This increase in ZI staff resulted in Jomic changing its offices from 134 King George to the present location on 128 King George Road in Avondale. The change of offices was precipitated by a need to find a place that had large office space enough to accommodate staff from both the ZI and Jomic.

At present Jomic and ZI share office space. Jomic has about eight members of staff while the ZI has about nine.
Jomic Staff
Patience Chiradza (National Coordinator), Joram Nyathi (Communications Manager), Wendy (Deputy Communications Officer), Cynthia Mawema (Programs Officer), Brenda Mano (Administration Officer), Kizito Kuchekwa (PLO Zanu PF), Michael Mukashi (PLO MDC), Lovemore Kadenge (PLO MDC-T) and James Ndlovu (Driver).

(Note: Brenda Mano and James Ndlovu are close relatives of ZI Director Isaac Maphosa. All of them including Maphosa are also close relatives of the late MDC-T strongman Patrick Kombai)

ZI Staff Housed at Jomic Offices

Isaac Maphosa (Director); Nkanyiso Maqeda (Deputy Director); Dr James Muzondidya (Research Manager); Ms Zindoga (Programs Officer); Kuziwa Zigomo (Research Officer); Arthur Nhari (Administration Officer); Garikai Mwaruta (Transport Manager) and Kuda Madamombe


(Note: Isaac Maphosa and Nkanyiso Maqeda have a long and very strong background with the MDC. The two were founding members of the MDC and worked as directors at the MDC Headquarters at Harvest House until the party split in 2005. After the split the two moved away with the formation led by Welshman Ncube after which they went silent for some time until their 2009 link with Jomic.

It is believed that during this period they were in South Africa where they later emerged as Directors of the Zimbabwe Institute.  Currently ZI is running programmes that are providing parallel support to Welshman Ncube’s MDC under the cover of Jomic. Authur Nhari is husband to Brenda Mano who is a close relative to Mr Isaac Maphosa)

Jomic Staff in the Provinces

In 2011, Jomic employed nine Administrators of provinces. The Administrator for Midlands province, Tendai Maphosa, is daughter to Isaac Maphosa’s elder brother. This entire staff went through an interview process conducted by Jomic Co-chairs. One cannot however rule out Isaac Maphosa’s influence in the selection of Tendai Maphosa given that he was involved throughout the selection process.

ZI Influence on Jomic Business

ZI holds a lot of influence on the work of Jomic. Jomic’s work is largely if not wholly funded by donors through the ZI. Naturally the ZI Director Isaac Maphosa is heavily involved in all aspects of Jomic activities. However, one would think that appropriately the ZI and Maphosa would limit their role to sourcing and coordinating funding activities for Jomic only.

In reality, the opposite is the truth. ZI and Maphosa are heavily involved in crafting Jomic programs, to the extent that they hold the authority to approve all Jomic programs under the pretext of holding the key on whether the money for the programs is there or not.

Isaac Maphosa attends all major meetings that take place at Jomic including meetings of the Jomic Co-chairs which are not attended even by other Jomic members or the national political liaison officers who represent political parties at staff level. It is him, Maphosa, and the Jomic National Co-ordinator, Patience Chiradza who attend the meetings.

ZI is the de facto secretariat of Jomic and that situation is unacceptable.

It is correct and appropriate that Ms Chiradza should attend the meetings of the Co-chairs as the person tasked to administer Jomic programs. But it is not known whose interests Maphosa represents when he attends the meetings. One can assume that he will be representing the interests of the donors who finance Jomic work. If this is the case, then it is very wrong that donors, most of whom are of foreign origin and driven by foreign interests and agenda should be represented in meetings which plan Jomic work because Jomic work should be for and by the local political parties.

Zanu PF also thinks it’s wrong for the ZI Director Maphosa to be involved in the recruitment of Jomic staff. The process, including interviews for Jomic staff should be left to be done by Jomic members with the Jomic National Coordinator providing secretariat services.

Isaac Maphosa has previously pronounced that some donors were not keen to finance issues to do with the welfare of Jomic members but only that of junior staff working in Jomic. The reason given for this policy position was that some of the Jomic members are on the sanctions imposed on Zanu PF members by some of the donor countries that fund Jomic.

The above policy position can safely be said to be particularly targeted at the Zanu PF members in Jomic as it is only them who are on the sanctions list. This being the case, Zanu PF as a party takes great exception to this policy position by the donors as it is discriminatory  and paints the picture that the donors would be siding with other parties in Jomic against Zanu PF.

Zanu PF provinces have raised the issue that at times the MDC parties, especially the formation led by Professor Welshman Ncube have been failing to raise their quota of people required to attend inter-party meetings organized by Jomic in some districts. This is clear evidence that the parties do not have reasonable membership in some districts and are riding on Jomic programs with the assistance of ZI to start organising membership and creating party structures in those districts.

Zanu PF, by virtue of being a partner in Jomic would unknowingly and unintentionally be assisting the MDC parties to establish their presence and make inroads in districts where they are unknown. Zanu PF cannot therefore be party to any arrangement or program that aids its rivalries at a time the country is moving towards a general election.

In some provinces, the MDC-T in particular designed its campaign programs in such a way as to be following in the footsteps of Jomic programs. They would target centres where Jomic would have just done its programs, thus using Jomic as a forerunner to soften the ground ahead of its programs

Zanu PF is very skeptical and suspicious that the ZI Director, Isaac Maphosa, seems to have kept close association with the MDC parties, especially the formation led by Professor Welshman Ncube. Zanu PF thinks this assertion is correct and therefore sees Maphosa’s job and that of the ZI as heavily compromised as the two are now perceived as partisan to other parties in Jomic against Zanu PF.

With elections looming, Maphosa and ZI are increasingly being seen as fronting the interests of foreign donors who are known to be driving the regime change agenda through the MDC formations to remove Zanu PF from power.

Most tellingly ZI’s Website has been hosting links to Welshman Ncube’s MDC and to anti-Zanu PF organisations such as Kubatana among others until only a few weeks ago after some Zanu PF Jomic members started complaining openly about the offensive links which have since been removed and reduced to three: Jomic, Copac and Parliament. A forensic review of the archives of ZI’s Website will readily prove this point as the Internet record cannot be erased even when they are deleted or removed as part of a cover up.

Just last week on Thursday, the Chairman of ZI, Brian Raftopolous, was part of an anti-Zanu PF panel of MDC formations and a host of regime-change-NGOs that appeared before the committee on international relations and cooperation of the South African Parliamentary to make misrepresentations which were not only false and aimed at smearing Zanu PF but which were also treasonous. Raftopolous made specific remarks which, for the umpteenth time, demonstrated that ZI is a compromised and partisan organization that cannot function as a neutral secretariat for Jomic.

In the circumstances, ZI and Jomic must be completely delinked and the Jomic secretariat should fully control and run Jomic programs under the direction of the full Jomic committee failure of which Zanu PF will find it extremely difficult continue to cooperate with or work through Jomic.

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