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By Showbiz Reporter

SOUTH African hit maker DJ Cleo has been told by two of his singers who recently quit his stable: “You are gay, the sooner you accept that, the better.”

Kwaito star Brickz and another ex-Cleo protégé Mavo told a Sunday tabloid the Es’khaleni star used to “spank and caress them”, and would slump into a “feminine sulk” if he saw his artists with their girlfriends.

So intense were DJ Cleo’s fits of jealousy that Brickz says he caused his split from his actress girlfriend and R&B singer, Elle by making her feel “umcomfortable”.

DJ Cleo refused to address the claims, saying: “I have hits to make.”

In a tell-all interview which underlines the bad blood which led Brickz to quit Will of Steel Productions two months ago, the Sweety My Baby star said DJ Cleo had no problems tapping his artists’ backsides – even in front of colleagues.

“At first I thought he was joking. It became a habit and that’s when I stopped him, but he continued doing,” Bickz told the Sunday World – South Africa’s leading purveyor of salacious celebrity gossip.

Hurling more Brickz in Cleo’s direction, he accused the hugely respected record producer of driving a wedge between him and his ex-girlfriend, Elle. He believes DJ Cleo was “jealous”.

“I don’t know what his problem was because I met Elle through him. Every time I brought Elle’s name up he would change or sulk,” he said.

DJ Cleo, Brickz revealed, banned his artists from coming to his house with girls because he “hated them”.

He remembers: “Cleo would make them feel cheap and dirty by giving them tainted looks. He would ask what these people were doing here and what we were doing with girls because he hates them.”

Brickz says DJ Cleo’s just plain gay, and “the sooner he accepts that the better”.

He added: “Anyone who has worked or lived with DJ Cleo knows that he is gay. There is nothing wrong with that, he must just come out and we will accept him like any other gay person.

“The guy has girlie tendencies. He sulks and is very moody.”

Mavo, real name Oscar Mgudlwa, claims DJ Cleo is either bisexual or gay because he has seen him spanking and caressing men. Mavo left Cleo after he was accused of spraying his expensive cologne.

The Moruti Wa Tsotsi actor and member of Afro-pop group Zonk’ Izizwe said: “He would just grab a guy from the back as if you were a girl and he does that a lot with his artist DJ What What.”

Mavo charges DJ Cleo once spanked him on his bum but adds: “I told him where to get off.”

The perfume story, Mavo insists, is just another red herring. “I never stole anything from that guy. I told him to stop behaving like a woman and he freaked out and fired me.”

Mavo says DJ Cleo has many personalities: “At times he acts like a girl and the next minute he is a man. He can’t be straight, that I’m sure of. He must just come out of the closet and nobody will judge him.”

It is not the first time Cleo, a married father of two, has been accused of living a lie.

Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo last year claimed in an interview with Ukhozi FM that DJ Cleo spanked her ex Prosper Mkwaiwa’s ass in front of her.

Challenged on the allegations, Cleo refused to address the central allegations, or his “private life” as he put it.

“I don’t have time for bitter people. Brickz is a cheat. He can’t blame me for his separation from Elle.”

Confessed drug addict Brickz, according to Cleo, must stop taking substances and his life will work out for him.

“I’m pleading with people to stop taking drugs. I’m sitting with three of his Sama statues that he wanted to sell in order to buy drugs. Now he doesn’t have money because of drugs and he is talking sh*t about me.”

Mavo, he said, is struggling with poverty and must zip it.

“Mavo has been in the music industry for many years – he must get a life. When I was in Standard 7 (Grade 9), Mavo was a struggling artist. Even now he has not improved. People will say anything about me because of poverty.”

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