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By Showbiz Reporter

BIG Brother babe Makosi Musambasi's mum is so desperate for her daughters to get married that she has posted a prayer on a Christian fellowship website, New can reveal.

But after a week in the Big Brother House during which Makosi walked naked in front of TV cameras and had her claims of being a virgin proved false, Sennie Musambasi's prayers could be far from being answered.

Makosi's mum who works at the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper in Harare posted a prayer request on the World Bible School website for her three daughters to get married.

"I am asking you to pray for my three daughters so that they can be married," she wrote, before Makosi went on Big Brother. "Elder - Lungelo - born 12-8-77 is a teacher. Middle - Makosi - born 23-9-80 is a nurse. and Veronica - born 21-10-83 is a nurse."

The mum has cause to worry. Makosi dated polygamous Phillip Chiyangwa for TWO YEARS, in the full knowledge he already was married to two women.

A few days after walking into the Big Brother House, Makosi stunned housemates when she claimed she was a virgin. But her claims were soon torn into pieces when friends came forward to reveal she lost her virginity to Chiyangwa aged 16!

British tabloids also revealed how Makosi was ashamed of her humble background and policeman father, Rich, that she gave a cousin's address in a plush surburb of Harare and claimed it was their home.

In interviews with New Friday, friends insisted that her affair with Chiyangwa was not over and she continues to see him on regular visits to Zimbabwe, although she is dating a hospital consultant in High Wycombe just outside London..

"Her affair with Chiyangwa isn't over and she always sees him on her very regular visits to Zimbabwe," a childhood friend told New "Their affair began as she was preparing for Miss Face of Zimbabwe beauty
pageant. Chiyangwa is actually the one who facilitated her trip to England.

"Whenever she comes to Zimbabwe he accomodates her at the most lavish of local hotels, the Meikles of which must be her personal favourite. During her stays here, she is sure to leave only after painting the town red at any of the more upmarket clubs.

"During one of her more recent visits, she went to Mambo, in Borrowdale, where after downing a more than generous number of shooters, she began dancing provocatively, lying on the dance floor, making sexual insinuations that impressed most men in the club. This did not end there, the club pillars were her next tools of seduction, and she danced against the pillars like a professional stripper can only do. She then went outside where she started taking off her clothes much to the delight of guys who were not following her.

"We had to struggle to carry her and put her into a car and proceeded to drop her off at the Meikels. Once in her hotel room, she began vomiting, and when we took her to the bathroom she practically peed on herself.

"After losing most of her personal possessions that night, she went on to accuse her friends, and threatened them with her retired policeman father!

"She is not even 24, we started modelling at the same age and her 28th
birthday is fast approaching," a friend said.
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