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By Showbiz Reporter

LYING Zimbabwean Big Brother contestant
Makosi Musambasi pocketed thousands of British pounds after helping a tabloid's false story claiming her ex-Zimbabwean boyfriend was HIV positive.

New can today reveal the sequence of events leading to a front-page splash in The Sun newspaper on Thursday last week which said a "terrified" Makosi had taken an Aids test after her ex-boyfriend admitted he was HIV positive.

On Tuesday this week, a story confirming Makosi's HIV test had turned negative results was buried in the inside pages of The Sun.

But we can today reveal that the text message which was the basis of The Sun's story was NOT sent by the ex-boyfriend as claimed.

We can also reveal that the ex-boyfriend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was offered a staggering £70 000 if he gave an interview to the paper, which he turned down.

Makosi finished third in the UK reality TV show, Big Brother. She was booed on eviction night following a string of lies during the three-month stay in the Big Brother House. Among other falsities, she claimed she was a virgin, claimed she had sex with housemate, Anthony, and that she was pregnant with his child. All the claims turned out to be false.

Talking exclusively to New last night, Makosi's ex said: "After Makosi failed to make money in that cage, it was always going to be the case she would try and make it from the outside. But her desperation has reached dangerous levels."

The Sun admitted on Thursday last week that it had "tipped" Makosi about the possibility that she might be HIV postive.

At The Sun's instigation, Makosi was asked to send a text to her former boyfriend asking if it was true he was HIV-positive. The text message received the brief answer: "Yes".

As it turns out, the ex-boyfriend has stopped using the number, and all his friends were aware of this -- except Makosi and The Sun.

"I stopped using that number a long time ago, but Makosi was clearly unaware of this. That phone is now being used by a friend who was shocked at the bizarre question from what was a stranger at that point, and thought she could have a bit of fun and tease them. Little did she know The Sun was trying to confirm its non-story," he said.

He said just before The Sun ran its story, he got a call from a Sun journalist who identified himself as Anthony, offering up to £70 000 for an interview.

"He called at least five times and I told him to stop wasting my time on a non-story. Makosi has allowed herself to be used and abused by these tabloids who will soon dump her when they find more beautiful white girls to chase.

"She later called me to apologise, saying the tabloids were twisting her words and so on. But I was blunt and told her she brought it upon herself. I hear she dreams of going to Hollywood, my prayer is that she realises one doesn't become a celebrity by shamelessly lying for a few pieces of silver."

The irony is not lost on many Zimbabweans who backed Makosi's quest for the £50 000 prize money, pumping up their phone bills. A day before the final vote count, it was The Sun which urged its readers not to vote for her after uncovering evidence that she was an actress.

The Sun -- Britain's biggest selling paper -- said Big Brother was for "ordinary folks", and accused the 24-year-old Zimbabwean nurse of being "less than open".

Calls to Makosi's mobile phone went unanswered last night.

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