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By Staff Reporter

A MALE Zimbabwean athlete who competed as a female undetected has revealed he contempleted suicide after the scandal broke.

It has also been revealed that orphaned Samukeliso Sithole is in fact using a fake birth certificate. His correct name is Fadzai Fuzani.

"I am confused and I do not know what to do," the Lancashire Steel athlete told the Chronicle newspaper. "At first I contemplated committing suicide. Why should I go through this torture? People should understand that I was born differently. People should understand my disability."

Sithole who has represented Zimbabwe at international competitions insists that he has both male and female organs, "although the male organ has outgrown the other".

“Sometime ago my male organ disappeared. The problem should have been fixed when I was young, but we owe a certain traditional healer $1,5 million which has since ballooned to $5 million. I was supposed to pay the amount with my salary in my first three months of working, according to the agreement, but I did not do that. The male organ has grown and this is some form of punishment by the traditional healer to induce me to pay the outstanding amount. I do not have that kind of money.

"The problem was discovered when I was very young and we consulted some traditional healers and the male organ disappeared. The male organ sprouted again recently. It is just decorative because it is not functional. Also, the healer said I should not sell any of my beasts," he revealed.

A Chronicle journalist who interviewed Sithole described him as "a lanky figure, with a clean-shaven chin, hairy legs and a hoarse voice."

"The breasts are not well defined. At times he has male mannerisms and at times combines both male and female mannerisms. When our crew paid a surprise visit at her home, Sithole was wearing a black denim skirt and white T-Shirt. We noticed that he had no breasts as he led us to his house. After a while he excused himself and came back dressed up this time with a stuffing, which looked like breasts," wrote Fanuel Viriri.

Zimbabwean police are already investigating the bizarre case, as it emerged that a headmaster and a teacher at Ndlamatuli Secondary School in Silobela where the athlete was a student may have played a role in falsifying his details.

According to the Chronicle, Samukeliso Sithole is a Form 4 student at the school, where the athlete is also enrolled.

Givemore Sithole, the father of the real Samukeliso Sithole told the paper that the school's sports master, Itayi Madicha had negotiated the use of their daughter's birth certificate. As their daughter is younger than the athlete, this also suggests that the athlete is an age cheat.

“Fadzai (as he is known in Silobela) came to my homestead on 7 April 2004 and informed me that teacher Madicha (Itayi) had sent her to collect my daughter’s birth certificate as she had been selected to represent the school. Fadzai also told me that she needed my particulars and my wife’s. I gave her everything, as I had no reason to doubt her. I was later informed that Fadzai had gone to Mauritius using my daughter’s birth certificate," Givemore Sithole said.

“I was quite saddened by the whole case and I made inquiries with the school headmaster (Douglas Dongo) who informed me that everything was under control. I warned them then that if Fadzai commits a crime my daughter would be held accountable. I am not happy with the way they treated the case so I lodged a report with Jena Police Station,” he added.

Ndlamatuli headmaster, Dongo, professed ignorance about the scam.

“I was not aware of anything. Our core business is to teach. Anyway the district office and Mbizo Police have been here already,” said Dongo.

Sithole's athletics career which was headed for international stardom was brought to an abrupt conclusion by a friend Melita Mudondiro, who revealed that the athlete was male.

Mudondiro has since filed crimen injuria charges stemming from the fact that Sithole saw her in the nude. She was under the impression that her friend was female.

Sithole's faces fraud charges when his trial opens at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Courts on 3 March.

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