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Witchcraft blamed as man grows genital organ on face

By Japhet Dube

IN a bizarre incident, a Bulawayo man allegedly developed a female genital organ on the right side of his face stretching up to the chest in what is suspected to be a case of witchcraft.

The man was the talk of the Egodini commuter omnibus terminus in the city on Monday where many people who spotted him as he was boarding a omnibus to Magwegwe West suburb on Sunday could not believe what they had seen.

The man was yesterday admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital where doctors said he had a "cancerous tumor", the Chronicle newspaper reported.

The hospital superintendent, Dr Lindiwe Mlilo confirmed that they had admitted a man with an abnormal growth but could not be drawn to say exactly what it was. She asked this reporter to put his questions on the matter in writing.

Reporters from the Chronicle newspaper say they visited the man at the hospital, and found him having covered the alleged female organ with a towel.

They also managed to catch up with the driver and conductor of the commuter omnibus, which the man boarded on Sunday afternoon, on his way to the suburb, Mr Wilson Msusu and Mr Abednicho Ndlovu respectively.

Mr Ndlovu confirmed the incident saying they were also shocked to see the man with what appeared to be female private parts on the face.

“The man had a huge swelling on his right side of the face down his chest, up to where his ribs end,” he said.

“On the swelling there was a growth, which looked like a female genital organ.”

Mr Ndlovu said the abnormal growth was dripping water continuously during the time that he was in the kombi.

He said many people were afraid to board his vehicle because of the man’s abnormal growth.

“Passengers were afraid to sit next to the man because of this abnormality ,” he said.

The driver of the kombi said that upon asking him how the problem had developed the man said it all started when he was still young.

“However, I failed to raise money to go for an operation which led to the growth enlarging to the huge size that it is today.”

Some members of the public however said they suspected that the man could have fallen victim to juju known as ulunyoka.

Ulunyoka is an illness that results from having sex with a married woman whose husband could have ‘fenced’ her so that any other man who had sex with her develops a certain illness.

The juju is administered on women without their knowledge. The practice is meant to deter adulterous affairs.

Mr Themba Ngwenya a commuter omnibus tout said: “I think this is a clear case of ulunyoka, otherwise how else can you explain the presence of the sexual organs on the face,” he said.

A Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association member, Mr Abson Moyo, said ulunyoka comes in various forms and the development of sexual organs in males is another form.

“That is a possible case of ulunyoka as it is manifested in various forms,” he said.

Mr Moyo said other forms of ulunyoka could be the swelling of the stomach of the male victim, the continued experience of pain in the woman’s private parts or that the man would always want to have his private parts in water if he removes them he will feel intense pain or the adulterers remain intact after the act and can only be separated by the person who administered the juju.

A man who is a tout at Egodini, told Chronicle that he knows the man and three months ago he did not have the swelling.

“The last time I saw him three months ago he did not have any growth on his face. It was just normal,” he said.

“I don’t know what happened to him in the last three months.”

A medical doctor in Bulawayo, Dr Jimmy Gazi, dismissed the idea that the man could have developed private parts on his face, saying layman can mistake folds which grow on a swelling as a woman’s private parts.

“We had a similar case some years of a man who had folds on a swelling in the face and upon examining it, we discovered that it was just some folds that had developed on a cancerous tumour,” said Gazi


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