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By Staff Reporter

IGNATIUS Chombo's mistress who is facing a $2 billion lawsuit from his wife is a classy man eater who has lived all her life pursuing rich men, New can reveal.

Nanette Silukhuni, the radiant former ZBC news anchor dated top businessmen and bankers before she wrecked Local Government Minister Chombo's marriage to his wife, Marian.

Silukhuni, 39, hails from the south western district of Kezi in Matabeleland South and is a graduate of the Harare Polytechnic's journalism school.

In a sensational civil suit filed by Marian last week, Chombo was revealed as a bed-hopping love rat who has not only failed to organise local authorities, but his family too.

But in interviews with New, Silukhuni's friends said they were not surprised she was at the centre of the messy love triangle.

"If you know Nanette, this story isn't shocking. The whole idea of poaching a married minister from underneath his wife's nose and pretending it's normal is typical," a long time friend of the ex-CBZ/Jewel Bank employee said.

Among some of Silukhuni's rich and famous conquests is the late tycoon Roger Boka, who rained presents on the former face of ZBC news. Boka died in February 1999 after a "long illness", a euphemism for HIV/Aids related ailments in Zimbabwe.

She also dated Natbrew MD Myethi Mpofu, resulting in a messy confrontation with First Bank's head of public relations Lydia Mavengere who was involved with Mpofu at the time. Silukhuni also dated a top Zimbabwe banker, which according to friends, opened the doors for her to work at Gideon Gono's CBZ.

"When she was at the Polytech, Boka bought her a Mazda 626 Executive, and her children were also well looked after. Student life was an uphill struggle for most students but for Nanette it was plain sailing.

"I remember when she had this beautiful Samsung mobile phone -- a rare luxury for college students. The boys used to pick on her and say those were rewards for sexual favours, which is basically what they were," the friend revealed.

A neighbour recalled: "I used to be Silukhuni's neighbour in the late 90's at Zambezi Flats on Quendon Road in Malbereign. I would see Boka in a white vest relaxing at Silukhuni's balcony."

Another friend told New "At around the same time she was running off with Boka, we had Lydia Mavengere confronting her over Myethi Mpofu. She just has an uncanny predilection to sleep walk into love triangles."

Chombo has been married to Marian since 1993. Marian is a businesswoman and large scale farmer in the Rafingora area of Mashonaland West.

Silukhuni admits she has been seeing Chombo, and claims she is customarily married to the politician, and professes ignorance about Chombo's existing marriage.

“Silukhuni will aver that at the time of her customary marriage to Marian’s husband she was unaware of the marriage between the plaintiff and her husband subsisted,” Silukhuni's lawyers said in their response to the suit.

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