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Zimbabwe: a prayer

Zimbabwe: a nation of cowards

By Elliot Pfebve

I ASK for your divine intervention in Zimbabwe. I have come to understand that we Zimbabweans lack the righteous capacity to unshackle the chains of bondage we now find ourselves in. Thousands of queasy organizations have mushroomed over the years to come with a unifying position against the regime but all what these organizations have achieved, has been to enrich the founding members at the expense of the struggling masses. The opposition parties have come and gone. Those still championing the cause remained toothless and clueless against a highly sophisticated regime.

Oh! Lord in case you forget, the basic commodities remain elusive in Zimbabwe. No-one seems determined for a cause as we do to the endless queues. In case our prayers have not reached you my Lord, we remain banned to discuss matters pertinent to development and governance. China remains our friendliest nation donating numerous electronic gadgets to monitor our movements and loyalty to a regime long bent on sadistic rule and acrimony. The only new development worth noting is the purchase of 2 MA60 passenger aircrafts through a 'buy two get one free' deal, although my Lord, I understand that the free one failed to complete a 400 km return trip from Bulawayo. We remain forced to look East even though the sun no longer shines on Zimbabwe. My Lord when the regime committed itself to looking East, progressive forces celebrated thinking that we were going to emulate Mozambique our Eastern neighbour, knowing pretty well that Mozambique remains the envy of the region. Of late they have one of the best human rights record, they commit themselves to free and fair elections and have been actively promoting sound agrarian policies.

"Those who first cross the line of power immediately close the doors behind them. They shut out the voice of reason"

My Lord the churches in Zimbabwe remain divided deliberately or otherwise. Most churches in Zimbabwe are now being run by Zanu PF. I am surprised that, Almighty, you could have allowed that to have your Holly House used to further repressive regimes. The only man of the cloth worth mentioning in Zimbabwe is Pius Ncube who remains focused. I pray that you give us more Pius Ncubes and arm them with your hand of supremacy to deliver THY KINGDOM. In case you have forgotten us, more than a quarter of us Zimbabweans live in the Diaspora where we suffer trauma due to lack of identity and decadence of social fabric.

Zimbabweans remain among the most educated on the land, most courageous, most resourceful, most skilful yet most oppressed. My Lord when all is said and done, there is no reason why MDC can run out of ideas or Zamu PF can run out of ideas. Our problem, my Lord, remains shameful, that those who first cross the line of power immediately close the doors behind them. In unwittingly closing the doors, they close the doors to the voice of reason.

Finally, my Lord, I beg you to use your powers to descend on Zimbabwe and curse the tyranny. Zimbabwe remains our only Promised Land generation after generation, unfortunately Mugabe sees himself as all generations wrapped into one. How on earth can this be allowed. I offer myself, body and soul, to be used by the Holly Spirit to deliver salvation to the people of Zimbabwe, through you my Lord can this be done.

Pfebve is a former parliamentary candidate for the Movement for Democratic Change and political activist


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