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Satanists stalk Zimbabwe city

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By Netsai Kembo

villagers along the border with Mozambique are living in fear of a satanic activism group on the prowl in their areas who forcibly suck blood from targeted victims they leave for “dead”, a sensational Daily Mirror newspaper report says.

Villagers said the satanic activism extremists had descended in their areas a week ago and usually prey on illegal border jumpers to and from Mozambique and the locals by night, the paper said.

Police in Mutare could neither deny nor confirm the report saying there was need for thorough investigations first to avoid panic by the general public.

“We first need to thoroughly investigate that as some people are just fond of fabricating issues that can cause unrest and panic to members of the public,” said acting Manicaland provincial police spokesman assistant inspector Brian Makomeke.

However, villagers said official reports have already been made to both the Zimbabwean and Mozambican authorities who have since instituted a joint manhunt for the culprits.

Since Thursday last week, the villagers said, the group had preyed on four people in Timba village just across the Honde River in Honde Valley and two others in Imbeza near Penhalonga.

In all the cases they had allegedly first injected their victims with an unknown drug that they became weak to resist. They then used some syringes to suck blood into containers and left their victims unconscious.

According to the villagers, the members of the group usually move in pairs and are suspected to be operating from Mutare.

One regular cross border to Mozambique, Charles Seza, said he had last Tuesday miraculously escaped from the daring “blood suckers’ at Imbeza on returning from a business trip in Mozambique.

To avoid suspicion, he said, the duo had approached him and asked him to help them replace a deflated tyre on their Isuzu KB truck saying they did not have enough tools.

They had also offered to give him a lift to town after helping them.

“I had at first opted to help but my instincts instantly worked. On checking the tyre I found out that it was just slightly deflated and without saying a word I immediately started walking away. The two then ordered me to stop and followed behind me holding some instruments resembling clinical apparatus,” said Seza.

“They then started chasing me and only left me when I was approaching some settlements in the area.”

Another cross border trader, Martha Munyamana said although she had not yet personally experienced the ordeal, cautionary statements against entertaining strangers had already been given by fellow cross border traders from both Zimbabwe and Mozambique and villagers along the border.

“Following the reports we are now moving in large groups. We no longer accept lifts from strangers to avoid victimisation,” she said.

While the actual intended use for the blood remains a mystery, some individuals suspect that it could be for use in satanic activities or muti. Comment could not be obtained from Zimbabwe Traditional Healers Association president Professor Gordon Chavhunduka whose phone remained unanswered.
From the Daily Mirror

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