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By Lebo Nkatazo

ASSOCIATED Newspapers of Zimbabwe CEO Sam Sipepa Nkomo is divorcing his wife of 35 years, reports said Thursday.

Nkomo, 62, has initiated divorce proceedings and is now living with Roselyn Xaba, 52, who is also divorcing her husband of 30 years, according to the vernacular weekly, Umthunywa.

Nkomo is a devout Christian and prominent member of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Zimbabwe.

Nkomo has four children with his current wife, Magqwetha, and two others born out of wedlock while Roselyn Xaba and her husband, Jabulani, have four children.

Umthunywa, quoting sources, said Sipepa Nkomo recently flew to the UK at the behest of Roselyn to inform one of the Xabas' children that her father was in fact The Daily News chief, not Xaba, a Bulawayo businessman.

It is not known how the girl whose wedding was blessed by the Xaba family earlier this year received the news, the paper said.

Nkomo's wife, Magqwetha, told the paper that she got married to Nkomo when she was 19.

She told the paper that her problems started in August this year when she returned from the United States where she had gone to see their son's newly-born baby.

When she left Zimbabwe in February, she said, they had no problems in their marriage. But on her return, she "found a different Nkomo".

She said: "When I got back in Zimbabwe, I remember preparing to go to our restaurant in Harare where I normally worked. Nkomo told me to wait as he was expecting a visitor.

"This visitor did arrive, a man called Bhebhe and one of Nkomo's friends. He said there was something he wanted to tell me but we needed a quiet place.

"We found some quiet place and he informed me that he had been sent by Nkomo to tell me that I was not caring and he no longer enjoyed being around me.

"I was shocked by this because I thought we were happy together."

Nkomo's wife says she insisted on hearing it from her husband and they arranged a meeting.

She added: "Nkomo told me that he had been patient enough with my apparent lack of kindness, especially towards his relatives, which I found totally puzzling because his relatives are always at our house and I have detected no ill-feeling.

"While he was explaining himself, I had this nagging feeling that there was something that he was not telling me.

"In the days that followed, I started getting letters about our businesses and our Glenlorne house which he had sold. Together with the children, we tried to stop the sale of the house but it was all in vain.

"As I speak, I am looking for a house to stay with my children."

Nkomo's wife says she soon started hearing rumours that Nkomo was now living with another woman, which explained his "strange behaviour". Nkomo, she said, has already taken Roselyn to his relatives in Tsholotsho and introduced her as his new wife.

Jabulani Xaba, meanwhile, said he was not perturbed by his wife's decision to leave him for Nkomo but wanted her to stop using his surname and revert to her maiden name, Moyo.

"I just want her to stop using my surname, it's a disgrace. Where have you seen a woman of her age still chasing men? It's unheard of," said Xaba.

Nkomo refused to answer questions, saying it was his private life and "an issue for the courts not newspapers".

Roselyn also refused to answer questions about her relationship with Nkomo.

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