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By Showbiz Reporter

HAILED for their great depth of artistry and dynamic live performances, Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi (Tuku) and South Africa’s Ringo Madlingozi will be performing live in England beginning Friday into early November.

Over two weeks, ‘Tuku’ and Ringo, will grace the stage with their respective 8-piece bands to perform five concerts in Scotland and England. Fans will enjoy highlights when Tuku joins Ringo in a unique rendition of ‘Into Yam’ as well as hearing their respective hit songs such as Buyisa, Sondela, Jerusalem, Tozeza Baba, Rova Ngoma Mutavara, Neria and Tsivo.

Oliver Mtukudzi's musical career, spanning 28 years and 47 original albums, was shaped by his humble upbringing in the historic township of Highfields in Zimbabwe. His prolific songwriting skills are crowned by his deep husky voice.

With his acoustic guitar, Tuku has developed his own music style which includes a fusion of his gospel roots, traditional Shona sounds and rhythms, South African mbaqanga, the energetic Zimbabwean pop style JITI and the traditional kateke drumming of his clan, the Korekore, a distinctive sound labelled simply by his fans as Tuku music.

More of a social commentator, his lyrics encourage behaviour that creates the fabric of a healthy society whilst criticising leadership and irresponsible parenting that have resulted in the many problems and political turmoil that Zimbabwe has become synonymous with.
In recent years he has used his popularity on the airwaves and produced songs that confront and challenge the myths surrounding the AIDS pandemic that has swept the African continent.

Over the years, Tuku has been awarded and honoured with numerous awards which include KORA Awards (Best Arrangement) in 2002; NAMA (National Arts Merit Awards in 2002 / 2003 and 2004 for Best Group / Male vocalist; KORA (Best African male artist and Lifetime Achievement Award (also once awarded to Nelson Mandela) in Aug 2003; an honorary degree from the University of Zimbabwe Dec 2003 and the Reel Award Winner (Best African Language).

His songs have been used in several major feature films and countless socio-economic documentaries. With his group, the Black Spirits, his popularity has seen the group travel to almost every state in the USA since 1999 and tour extensively throughout Europe, U.K., Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Cape Town-born Ringo Madlingozi has revealed his exceptional talent through more than a dozen albums since becoming a full-time musician in the early '90s. Considered one of South Africa's trendiest musicians, Ringo has woven his traditional Xhosa sounds and insightful lyrics, to create a powerful, “funky” sound that has seen his star rise rapidly to the forefront of the groups currently shaping South Africa’s music scene.

Named after the famous Beatle, Ringo Starr, Ringo has not restricted himself to singing, but also plays percussion and guitar with an infectious energy, shared by his band with a vibrant dance-act.

He has firmly rooted himself in the traditional pop genre, giving expression to the “ukuxhentsa” rhythms that inspired him in his youth when he used to listen to “amagqiha” in his neighborhood and appreciate their rhythms. Whilst using contemporary instruments, his sound is still cemented in the tradition of the Xhosa guitar.

Twice winner of the Best Southern African Male Artist award at the annual Kora All-Africa Music Awards; Ringo also achieved Best Artist in Southern Africa for two consecutive years, and Best Male Artist in the African continent. Ringo was also nominated in the prestigious South African Music Awards (SAMA) for Best African Pop Album, Best Producer, Best DVD and won the category of Best African Pop Album.

Zimbabwe's legendary troubadour, Oliver Mtukudzi with The Black Spirits and South Africa’s Ringo Madlingozi will thrill audiences so make sure you diarise the following venues and times:

Friday 29 October -The Town & Country Club, Bradford (9pm-3am)
Saturday 30 October - The Empire Nightclub, Milton Keynes (8pm-4am)
Friday 5 Nov - The Imperial Palace, Wolverhampton (8pm-2am)
Saturday 6 Nov – The Ocean, East London (10pm - 4am)

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