New is Zimbabwe's first and only rolling news site updated 24/7 with all the latest news, sports and commentary. It is also a platform for debate and intellectual release with vibrant live discussion forums.

The website is designed and run by people who have seen how the dearth of free expression can reduce progressive nations into pariahs where the majority are always at the mercy of the powerful.

New seeks to expose situations where this takes place, and we make no apology for seeking the demise of such evil edifices wherever they appear.

Our brilliant team of correspondents will dissemble the language of the spin doctors and strip away at the layers of deception which evil regimes use to hide their true nature. We will expose the false revolutions sprouting across Zimbabwe and record the atrocities of the ruling oligarchy without fear.

It is our central theme that we will not treat murderers and tyrants fairly. It is not fair to ask us to do that.

We also seek to act as a vehicle for mass participation. It is our belief that every Zimbabwean and every African with a voice deserves to be heard Ė including those who have forfeited the freedoms of the majority.

While we exercise independence on what we publish and that which we donít, we are driven by the passion for free expression and will allow views and opinions to flow through. Judgement, as they say, is for our ever growing army of readers.

While pursuing the killers of freedom, we will not cast a blind eye to the poverty, diseases and lack of knowledge blighting our society. It is imperative and indeed our duty to project the struggles of our societies which ultimately boils down to the issue of governance.

The AIDS pandemic is the biggest cataclysm to face humanity in recorded history. We wish all the western powers could stop investing billions in phoney wars, space visits and unhelpful scientific researches to focus on this single biggest killer of humans in our age.

We boast the finest correspondents and columnists you can assemble in Zimbabwe and abroad. The constant flow of brilliantly presented ideas and strong argument has brought us plaudits, while those who hate our cause inevitably frown upon us.

We are happy to keep it that way.

We now have live discussion forums where the whole idea of free expression is exercised by Zimbabweans. We want to make these forums platforms for full exercisation of the wonderful freedom of free expression while building national consensus.

Our other aim is to get the millions of exiled Zimbabweans, economic migrants and other professionals driven out of the country by the political ruling classes to chat the way forward on our pages and help the reconstruction of the battered economy.

We firmly believe that with endurance, patience and support of our readers, we will also be able to be the main source of news for every Zimbabwean, every opinion maker and every researcher on issues pertaining to Zimbabwe.  



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