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19/11/2014 00:00:00
by Agencies

TIGER Woods has hit back after a major controversy blew up when one of America's best-selling golf magazines ran a faked interview with the 14-times Major winner.

Golf Digest magazine's article was written by Dan Jenkins, now 84 years old, and arguably the most famous and well-respected golf writer in the world. It was entitled, "My (fake) interview with Tiger Woods," and illustrated with photographs posed by a lookalike.

Though the article was fake, the opinions and animosity expressed in the piece were clearly anything but, with Jenkins' imaginary Tiger Woods bad-mouthing former coaches and friends and, among other things defending his notoriety for a being a poor tipper.

Woods was clearly deeply outraged by the piece  -  and said as much on The Players' Tribune, the website recently set up by baseball superstar Derek Jeter which allows athletes to write their own articles for publication, unfiltered by any editors.

"It wasn’t me. It was some jerk he created to pretend he was talking to me," Woods wrote.

"That’s right, Jenkins faked an interview, which fails as parody, and is really more like a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.

"Journalistically and ethically, can you sink any lower?

"The truth is, Jenkins has no idea how I think or feel about any of the things he claims to know about, which is why he had to make things up," Woods added.

"Frustration or resentment because I have not been more available to him should not give him a license for an underhanded attack on me as an athlete, as a professional and as a person.

“I guess Golf Digest’ s editors believe this is a good way to sell more magazines. I’ll bet their readers don’t think so.... 

"My representatives and I asked Golf Digest  for an explanation, some reason for what I think is journalistically wrong and a pretty cheap shot.."

The full article can be read on the magazine's website, but here are a few tasters:


"Why haven't you fired Steiny [long-term manager Mark Steinberg], by the way? You've fired everybody else. Three gurus, Butch, Hank and Sean Foley. Two caddies, Fluff and Stevie. Your first agent, Hughes Norton, who made you rich before you'd won anything. Other minions.

I'll probably get around to it. I like to fire people. It gives me something to do when I'm not shaping my shots….

…Have you ever regretted firing Butch Harmon after winning your first eight majors with him?

Butchie was making me tip too many people.

I don't get it. For a guy who can certainly afford it, you've become famous for being a bad tipper. It's almost like you take pride in it.

I just don't understand why you're supposed to tip people for doing a job they're already getting paid to do.

In many cases tips are expected to be part of their salary.

So let 'em go find a better job…

…You might not recall this, but in 2001 after you had won six majors, I predicted you'd win 24.

I was on a roll, man. Everybody predicted it.

You want to know the real reason I did? You had no competition. Aside from Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els, the guys who finished second to you were people like Tom Kite, Sergio, Thomas Bjorn, Bob May, David Duval, Chris DiMarco, Colin Montgomerie, Woody Austin, Shaun Micheel and Rocco Mediate.

That's not a bad list.

Yeah, right. That's why I've been so busy keeping up with all their majors.

Hey, I've been second in six majors. That means I could have won 20 by now, doesn't it?

You've been second to Rich Beem, Michael Campbell, Trevor Immelman, Y.E. Yang, Zach Johnson and Angel Cabrera. You really want to bring that up?

Guess not….

Not sure you're aware of this, but back when you were at the top of your game I was also the guy who said only two things could stop you from winning more majors than Jack: injury or a bad marriage. 

You wrote that?

In a moment of brilliance, yes.

You nailed it."

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