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10/11/2015 00:00:00
by Court Reporter
Always a suspect ... Mercy Kamanura

A MODEL who is facing allegations of snitching a jumpsuit from Edgars Stores recently will know her fate on the 24th of this month which is when magistrate Batanai Madzingira is expected to deliver his ruling.

Mercy Kamanura, 24, is the reigning second princess of Black Opal face of Zimbabwe.

Kamanura is denying the charges, arguing that the charge should be interpreted as attempted theft, arguing she had not yet left the shop when the garment was retrieved from her bag.

She also told the court that the jumpsuit miraculously got inside her bag and further accused the shop attendant Hilda Bwenje of having planted the garment in her bag.

However, Edgars Stores staff who were present on the day in question and also gave evidence in court said she was already a suspect resulting in them setting up a trap.

The court heard that she used to frequent the shop, Nkwame Nkurumah branch.

Although she had an account there, the staff noticed that clothes would disappear each time she visited the store.

The court also heard that the model then earned a nickname for leaving empty hangers and clothes price tags in fitting rooms.

“We would always find empty hangers in the fitting rooms and some corners of the shop she would have visited, as such she became a suspect,” the store’s senior security officer, Isaac Kanyandura said.

The brand of the jumpsuit, Kamanura purportedly stole is Free to be you and is exclusive to Edgars.

According to the state, on the day the incident is alleged to have taken place, the model entered the shop when they were about to close.

The court heard that she was the last and only customer in the shop and was allowed in as they treated her as a VIP customer.

Kamanura took two garments into the fitting room which she handed back to the shop attendant saying they did not fit well on her.

She was, however, caught with another one when she was searched at the exit door.



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