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06/11/2017 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
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PROMINENT musician Sulumani Chimbetu’s ex-wife Monday took a swipe at the musician describing him as an “irresponsible father” who puts the interests of step children before his own.

Marygold Mutemasango told a Harare Civil Court magistrate Lazini Ncube that Chimbetu was one of the country’s most prosperous brands whose life is improving by the day.

Her remarks followed Chimbetu’s efforts to have maintenance fees for the two children he had with Mutemasango reduced from $800 to $200 per month.

In an effort to prove her case and beg the court to dismiss Chimbetu’s application, Mutemasango brought pictures showing how “well attended” the musician’s shows are.

“As a celebrity, he enjoys being in and out of the court, lying under oath. It is clear that he does not have the interests of his children at heart. His mission is to settle scores with me using our children which this court should frown upon.”

“If he is paying $600 per month in school fees for three children it means he is able to pay $200 for each of them per month…if he can do so and pay $50 per month in school uniforms and $17 in casual wear for his step daughter then he surely cannot find it difficult to pay $400 for his own children per month,” she said.

Mutemasango also said it was wrong for Chimbetu to allege that she relies on the alimony fees for survival yet he was not even paying the said money.

“I’m not formally employed but I have always done the best I can to run around and provide for myself and the kids through buying and selling, as already demonstrated, the applicant is currently in arrears of $4 400,”said the ex-wife.

“I can safely say he is one of the few people in this country who are managing to make it despite our current situation as a nation,” she said.

Chimbetu is expected to be in court on December 15 after Mutemasango requested that he should to take it to the witness stand and explain his application.

He is being represented by his lawyer, Ashiel Mugiya while Mutemasango is being represented by Tendai Rusinahama.

According to Mutemasango, there is a significant increase in the number of shows Chimbetu is holding and these shows are well attended with fans paying $5 each.

She said Chimbetu is in fact a brand such that his shows never flop.


In response, Mugiya said he would also want to cross-examine Mutemasango on certain issues hence she should also be in the witness box.

Chimbetu applied for downward variation arguing that economic hardships were taking toll on his carrier as such he was failing to make ends meet.

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