24 March 2018
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African poets pay homage to Tsvangirai through e-collection

13/03/2018 00:00:00
by Staff reporter
Confirmed ... Exiled Mbidzo Chirasha

POETS from across Africa have come up with an e-poetry collection in honour of the late MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai who died last month after a long battle with colon cancer.

The collection is titled “When the Baobab Falls, The Earth Sneezes”.

Tsvangirai, who had led the MDC since its formation in 1999, was widely viewed across the globe as a champion for democracy. In 2008, he beat Mugabe in the first round of the poll.

The collection, which features more than 40 poets, is the brain child of self-exiled writer Mbizo Chirasha, who recently launched the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry campaign.

“For the tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai E POETRY COLLECTION 2018,   The Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign under my direction, leadership and organisation thought it wise to publish something positive and a tribute through poetry, stories and memories,” Chirasha told New Zimbabwe.

 “Of interest is a memory by Anorld Tsunga - a prominent Human Rights leader and Tsvangirai Mukwazhi, a great photo journalist in Zimbabwe. We have poets  and writers from across meaning from Cameroon  via Kenya to Zimbabwe  celebrating the works of the ICON through words, WHEN THE BAOBAB FALLS, THE EARTH SNEEZES ( A Special Tribute to Morgan Tsvangirai  an E-Collection of poetry, memories  and stories  by Zimbabweans and  Poets  around  the  globe )March 2018,” he added.

Chirasha said the collection was still being compiled and would be released this April 2018.

“I am a compiling it and I am editing it as well. The great book cover was designed by one Zimbabwean digital artist Alfred Masunda,” he said.

1.Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi (In Trenches  with the Icon)
2.Alex Magaisa (He  is  going Home)
3.Philani Amadeus  Nyoni( MRT-Morgan Richard Tsvangirai)
4.Tafadzwa Muzondo ( Rest  in Peace)
5.Chrispah Munyoro ( Smokescreen , Death is  not a  Commodity)
6.Brighton Muponda ( Adieu Morgan)
7.Terence Msuku (Closet Supporters)
8.Vivian Mabenge ( Death How Dare you?)
9.Nnane Ntube ( The Fall of the Baobab)
10.Mbizo chirasha ( Today , the Earth Sneezed)
11.Bambo Ndoya ( On His  Excellences Retribution)
12.Nelton Ganzel ( Great Leader)
13.Polly Makotoko ( My Black Letter)
14.Caroline Adwar ( Lost Hope)
15.Waison Tinotenda Wilson ( Today We  Mourn for the Fallen)
16.Alfred Masunda ( The Fallen Hero)
17.Innocent Fungurani ( Pull Down The Flag)
18.Simukai Gamanya( I Feel……..)
19.Mbonisi  Zikhali ( There Is  Cancer in our Country)
20.Cosmas Mairosi (Alligators Of Jordan)
21. Tracy Yvonne Breazile( Stanza Avenal)
22. Nsah Mala( Forging Fairer Futures)
23.Jambiya Kai( Black Bile- a Solidarity piece)
24.Patrick Kamau ( Fire)
25.Aleck Mabenge ( Poverty)
26.Sydney Haile Saize 1( A Generation of hypocrites, The Dreadlocked Poet)
27.Hildah  Tafadzwa Princess Maritinyu( Loniless)
28.Opeyemi Joe( Blood  On  The Benue)
29.Julius Muriithi ( Do Not Fear Death)
30.Jabulani Mzinyathi ( I Told You So)
31.Sadiqullah Khan ( Kakocracy)
32.Gerry Sikhazwe ( Without You)
33.Theresa Strmones ( Monday Evening)
34.Richmore Tera ( Ghetto Blues)
35.Sendoo Hadaa ( I Fear)
36.Jambiya Kai ( Red Stoeps- a solidarity)
37.Blessing Masenga ( How  Much You Meant To Us?, Tsvangirai!)
38. Tendai Mwanaka (Blank Piece Of Paper)
39. Tanaka Bandera
40.Tafadzwa Bandera
41.John Eppel
42. Anorld Tsunga








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