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Headley pool party shooting 'frightening chaos'
Kent scout Charlie Girling, 12, dies at Finland jamboree
London City offices evacuated due to major gas leak
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Bernie Sanders: 'Clinton must become the next president'
The challenge Hillary Clinton faces this week
FBI probing DNC hack
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PM: ‘Every dollar ... will be funded’
Turnbull defends crying Qld MP
Bob Day: Voters’ rights were taken away
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Man injured in shooting at Malmö shopping mall
Swedish kids' TV cooks up storm with condom haggis
So Sweden has high taxes? Not as high as you might think
Wall Street Survivor
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MMIW: New unsolved cases added to CBC's database
Elections commissioner sanctions Green Party for peddling 'misleading' polling data
Ottawa police union president calls racism speculation in fatal arrest 'inappropriate'
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Tenants win $620 after Queenstown landlord behaved 'very poorly'
Co-accused claims dead Auckland woman owed her half a million dollars
Gene thought to partly explain high rates of obesity among Samoans
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