11- year-old Mbizo boy electrocuted to death by illegally connected cables

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By Staff Reporter

AN 11-year old boy from Mbizo was this week electrocuted to death, after he came in contact with metals which were connected to exposed electrical cables at his home.

The boy got in contact with a steel fowl run which was illegally connected to his family’s house.

Upon being electrically shocked, he fell down and hit his head against hard object which caused a deep cut leaving him bleeding profusely.

He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kwekwe General hospital.

Mbizo Member of Parliament Settlement Chikwinya confirmed the incident further explaining what happened.

“Electric current tracked down the steel cage of the chicken fowl run. The boy made contact with the fowl run made out of steel rods and was electrocuted.

“Upon being electrically shocked, the boy fell down and hit his head on a hard object that caused  a deep cut on his head resulting in heavy bleeding.

“The young boy was pronounced dead upon admission at Kwekwe General Hospital,” said Chikwinya.

Chikwinya said residents must avoid illegal connections.

He said the law prohibits illegal connections and should be respected.

“I am equally aware of the challenges that citizens are facing as a result of harsh economic challenges, and that some are resorting to chicken rearing in their backyard for survival.

“This is purely understood,” he said, urging the public to engage professionals approved by ZESA when doing so.

“I make this clarion call that as we hustle for a living , lets do this while preserving the safety,” he said.

Chikwinya said given  a rise in such incidents, ZESA has an obligation to carry out a blitz on illegal electricity connections at  households.