Diaspora: 12 Reasons Why Cash Denominated Funeral Policies Are By Far Better

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The reason why funeral policies exist is that consumers need them to cover end of life expenses and guarantee themselves a dignified send off. The need is a time aged and will persist as long as life exists.

Your policy should always speak to your needs and reality. A policy that treats you fairly as a customer ought to be suitable today, tomorrow, short-, medium- and long-term if you are blessed with longevity. A change in your circumstances, be it location or preferences, should never leave you exposed.

The key question arising is, have traditional (goods and services) funeral policies that are offered by funeral directors lived up to the evolving consumer needs especially in the face of diaspora transnationalism? The answer is a big NO. If the answer is a fat NO, it means funeral policies offered by funeral directors do not treat customers fairly.

Human development, regional integration, globalisation, ease of travel and migration have all meant that we now live in a global village where millions of people belong to more than one nation or society. The biggest problem with traditional ‘goods & services’ policies offered by funeral directors is their rigidity and failure to treat customers fairly, especially diasporans. The policies blatantly fail to speak to the needs of a fast-evolving reality, especially of the transnational diaspora population. Truth be told, individuals, especially diasporans’ location and final send-off choices are not fixed. As a global citizen one may end up in a situation of burial abroad, repatriation, reverse repatriation, cremation and a funeral policy that is suitable and treating customers fairly should be versatile enough to meet any of the changing needs.

Below are 12 reasons why cash based funeral policies like Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan are by far better or call it 12 reasons why traditional commodity or goods and services based funeral directors’ policies are never good enough when it comes to addressing transnational consumers’ needs:

The sustainable future of funeral policies if they are to remain suitable and treat customers fairly is that they should all be cash denominated. In any case, I have never come across a single bereaved family desperately appealing for say a coffin, it’s always cash for a reason. With cash in hand, you have control and can cover anything.

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By Tose Gava
A UK Based Financial Advisor & Insurance Specialist