$2, 500 for personalised number plates as govt slashes vehicle reg fees

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GOVERNMENT has slashed the prices of vehicle registration and procuring number plates by 50 percent.

The cut comes years after it was first mooted and it was announced in the government gazette as Statutory Instrument 54 of 2018.

“It is hereby notified that the minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development has, in terms of section 52 of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act (Chapter 13:14) made the following regulations,” reads the gazette of Friday.

The vehicle registration and licensing amendment shows vehicle registration is now pegged at $80, vehicle number plate replacement $80, trailer registration $70, trailer number plate $70, third number plate $17,50, replacement of registration book $15 and personalized number plate $2500.

Motorists interviewed by in Harare felt the services were still over-priced.

“I appreciate the gesture but I feel $80 for mere number plates is still too high. It’s like $40 per plate and there is nothing special about the material they are using. You find that unlike the old plates, these new ones are fading out and the metal is not strong. Whoever has the contract is still making a killing,” said Edward Chakanetsa.