$20 000 alimony case haunts Twine Phiri, court warns ex-PSL boss to find another lawyer  

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FORMER Premier Soccer League chairman Twine Phiri who is facing fresh allegations of failing to settle over $20 000 maintenance arrears for his three children Tuesday sought postponement of his case for the third consecutive time after his lawyer failed to turn up.
Magistrate Lazini Ncube warned him that he is only sparing him this time after he was defended by another lawyer from his attorney’s law firm.
Phiri’s lawyer Stephen Chikotora is reportedly engaged in another case at the High Court until March 2.
Ncube warned Phiri to find another lawyer if Chikotora is unable to prioritise his case or else the case will proceed without him being represented.
The case was postponed to February 27.
Phiri was, earlier last year, hauled before the same courts battling a staggering $67 551 for the same children he sired with Keresiya Phiri.
According to the state on February 27, 2014, at Chitungwiza civil court, Phiri was ordered to pay maintenance fees of $2 913 per month for the children with effect from March 31 that year.
Prosecutors allege that he was also ordered to buy uniforms twice a year for the three children and to cater for medical expenses whenever the need arose.
The court heard that Phiri only managed to pay $3 600 from April 2016 to November this year for maintenance, medical expenses and school uniforms.
It is alleged that he was supposed to pay $24 280 for the same period.
The court heard that Phiri’s arrears are $20 680 as at November 30.