2021 Tobacco Marketing Season Commences With High Hopes

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Staff Reporter

THE 2021 tobacco marketing season kicked off this Wednesday amid high hopes the troubled country will surpass last year’s figures.

The highest opening price for a kilogramme of the golden leaf was pegged as US$4.30.

This was an increase from US$4/kg from last year.

Some 200 million kg of the leaf is expected to be sold this year and compared to 180 million kg worth US$452 million dollars sold last year.

Crop hectarage went up by 6.84 percent from 117,000 hectares in 2019/2020 season to 125,000 hectares this year.

The Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) says it expects better quality in this year’s crop despite concerns over crop disease and the effect of waterlogging in some farming areas.