CEO Round Table Dates Set

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By NewsDay

THE CEO Africa Roundtable will hold it’s annual conference in Victoria Falls this month where a number of pertinent issues which include how to improve the investor climate and overcoming the negative aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic will take centre stage.

CEO Africa Roundtable chairman Oswell Binha said in an interview that the conference, which will be held between October 27 and 29, will look at interrogating ways to attain the government objective of being a middle to upper income economy by 2030.

“A selection of well thought pertinent issues on the fourth industrial revolution, staying ahead of economic currents despite present-day uncertainties, enactment of investor friendly laws in business and aligning the CFTA to the global world of trading will be at the centre of the three-day CEOs Roundtable,” Binha said.

“The discussions will be biased towards finding lasting solutions to the negative demand and supply shocks caused by COVID-19 in the country with the aim of safely bringing Zimbabwe businesses out of the corona curve and building momentum towards attainment of Vision 2030.”

Binha pointed out that the conference is expected to map the way forward on the enactment of robust policies that promote the ease of doing business in the country and attract foreign direct investment.

“The expected frutiful discussion on economic recovery should present Zimbabwe’s public  and private sectors with an environment where macro economic stability backed by a more stable currency is evident,” he said. ”Deliberations on leveraging on current technologies should translate into meaningful business transactions in a contactless economy.”

Binha revealed that they expect 200 physical delegates and 300 virtual delegates at the upcoming event.

The conference will also host an awards ceremony for chief executives who have excelled in various sectors of the economy.