29-year-old Zimbabwean single mother of 2 defies odds to work as truck driver in Europe

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A 29-year-old woman from Zimbabwe is a social media sensation after making a name for herself as one of Europe’s top truck drivers. The achievement is one for the books for Sikhanyisiwe Tazvitya, who was once a maid in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

Popularly known as @Laydytruckerzim, Sikhanyisiwe Tazvitya, is a proud trucker in Warsaw, Poland, where she now lives and works. With over 100,000 Facebook followers, the former maid turned earthmoving equipment operator, says she is proud of her achievement.

“I started as a maid in Harare and then I decided to upgrade myself to Earthmoving Equipment Operator, but it was not easy because my salary was very little but through dedication and asking for help from my family and that’s when my life changed. Now I am a truck driver.”, she said.

Tazvitya says that she didn’t want to settle as an earthmoving equipment operator and decided to pursue a training course in the male-dominated field of driving. “The Earthmoving job did not stop me from wanting more, I did it all and still saved up for Truck Driving Training, and here we are today, doing what most men are failing to do. This is my story and now I live in Poland.”

To many men and women who have followed her journey, Tazvitya has been an inspiration. Fellow Zimbabwean, Hope Magara of the Midlands, who also now lives in Poland, says she is now a trucker thanks to Tazvitya. She said, “Sikhanyisiwe was my first driver, trainer and mentor, now I am here in Poland working, she is very kind and a blessing. It is doable. To other women out there, If I can do it, so can you. Never give up”.

Fellow Zimbabwean Zamani Dhlodhlo, is already working as a truck driver in South Africa, but is planning to join Tazvitya in Poland. Through her @LadytruckerZim Facebook page, Tazvitya has been helping many like Dhlodhlo process documents to work abroad. Mr Dhlodhlo said, “I am a truck driver in South Africa, I have already completed my application process. I have my work permit ready, I am just waiting on my visa and I will be off to Poland. Many companies in Europe have no idea how much of a treasure Tazvitya is because as she helps us, she is also helping them with their labor needs.”

As a single mother of two children, Tazvitya says she wants to see more women succeed in anything they pursue by staying true to their dreams. “Believe in yourself, take calculated risks, work hard, take care of yourself, stay true to yourself and ignore negativity. Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your goals. Stay hungry, fight harder and never give up. We can do this, and don’t forget to pray.”

For now, Tazvitya has no plans to leave the trucking business anytime soon and hopes to continue inspiring others.